Twitter spats are common in Bollywood. Somebody might tweet something about someone and the latter may take offence. It's a common side-effect of the miscommunication over social media. However, it becomes a public spectacle for the most unlikely arbitrators.

The leading daily Mumbai Mirror recently published photos of the actress at a shoot, insinuating that she may have been flouting lockdown rules. Director Vivek Agnihotri having come across it retweeted the photos, thereby attracting Sonakshi's wrath.

Sonakshi Sinha and Vivek Agnihotri

Sonakshi Sinha and Vivek Agnihotri's Twitter spat

Misunderstandings are common and may even escalate and in Bollywood, it's an everyday situation actor and actresses find themselves in. The lockdown due to Coronavirus has got critical eyes on Bollywood, for their actions at this point. 

Recently Mumbai Mirror had posted pictures of Sonakshi Sinha at a shoot with Farah Khan. The news became a matter of outrage as people wondered if the actress is actually going to shoot when a lockdown is in effect. Vivek Agnihotri who came across the photos, took to Twitter to make a point asking, "Who shoots in such times?" 

The tweet was generic without specifying the actress or any target as such. Sonakshi Sinha who read the tweet immediately assumed the director was targeting her and had some strong words to say on the matter, "Being a Director and member of many unions and film bodies one would expect you to be better informed that, Absolutely NO one is shooting since studios are shut and its a national lockdown! I believe Classic freeze-frame means throwback in @MumbaiMirror terms."

Vivek Agnihotri the subject of her predicament, responded with his take, "The dig is at @MumbaiMirror, not you. If I have to say something to you, I'd tag you. It's very insensitive to print such pictures in a trying time like this giving wrong impression. As a star you should also very strongly condemn this kind of yellow and insensitive journalism."

Sonakshi who was frustrated at the publication sent out another tweet calling them out:

The director also tried to help the actress out on how to clear the air:

Rangoli Chandel intervenes with her opinion

Where there is Twitter, there seems to be Rangoli. The Twitter queen who has a lot to say on a lot of matter, Kangana Ranaut's sister provided her two cents on the matter even as the director and actor would sort it out on their own. 

Rangoli believed that this was one big misunderstanding and that Vivek Agnihotri was just mistaken and led by the publication to take the photos at face value as anybody would, "This section of paper carries fresh pics mostly from the day when the paper goes for printing, If @vivekagnihotri sir thought Sonakshi Ji is shooting it's not his fault, the paper must mention throwback or something..."

This is what you call a textbook example of a misunderstanding aggravated by social media.