Sonakshi Sinha has been the target of the troll brigade ever since her Ramayana 'Kaand' was aired on KBC 11. In the show, when Sonakshi was unable to answer the question asked on Ramayana by show host Amitabh Bachchan, she became the topic of mockery for netizens.

With Ramayana been retelecasted on DD during the lockdown, strollers found a way to target Sonakshi Sinha. On top of that, Shaktiman fame Mukesh Khanna, who has also played the role of Bhimspitama in DD Mahabharat, took a sly dig on the Dabbang actress. He said that the re-telecast of the Indian series like Ramayana and Mahabharat will help people like Sonakshi Sinha who doesn't know anything about Hindu Mythology.

Shatrughan Sinha and mukesh khanna

Shatrughan Sinha responds

Looks this did not go well with daddy Shatrughan Sinha as he has recently slammed the trollers and indirectly, actor Mukesh Khanna. As per the reports of Bollywood Hungama, he defended her daughter without taking anybody's name and said "I believe someone has a problem with Sonakshi not answering a question on the Ramayan. Firstly what qualifies this person to be an expert on all things to do with the Ramayan? And who has appointed him the guardian of the Hindu religion?"

He even went on to explain that he's proud of Sonakshi and Ramayan doesn't disqualify Sonakshi from being a good Hindu neither she needs approval from anyone. "I am very proud of all my three children. Sonakshi became a star on her own. I never had to launch her career. She is a daughter any father would be proud to have. Not answering a question on the Ramayan doesn't disqualify Sonakshi from being a good Hindu. She doesn't need a certificate of approval from anyone," he added.

Sonakshi sinha

Sonakshi was even targeted by netizens when DD posted a poll for Ramayana. Apparently, the poll question was similar to the question asked by Amitabh Bachchan on KBC 11 to Bollywood's Noor. Sonakshi was unable to tell for whom Lord Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani Buti. After that, Sinha became the favourite meme material.