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It's a double celebration for the birthday boy Namit Das. As on the occasion of his special day, one of his most-anticipated web series 'Mafia' was released this morning. Since then Namit's birthday has turned out a lot merrier and happier than he would have expected it to be. The effervescent actor is not just celebrating a quite quarantine birthday but also has decided to make the most of the day with the love of his life, his wife.

International Business Times, India, exclusively caught up with birthday boy Namit Das as he gets candid about the unique gifts that he cherishes even now, on what are his birthday plans, why is it a double celebration for him.

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Excerpts from the interview:

 How has your day been till now?

Well, so far, so good. I got up late. My wife and I were talking and chilling till wee hours. She also baked a cake for me. It is a special day for me as mt series Mafia has also released today Me and my wife watched the series. We will have dinner with my parents at night.

 Back in the day, were you excited about your birthday?

Namit Das
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No, I am not the one who has been excited about his birthday. I always had a low key birthday, earlier many people didn't know when was my birthday nor have I got so much attention in the past. Mostly it has been a working birthday for me. Also, I don't like birthday parties. If I am not shooting me and my wife travel on my birthday.

 Special birthday gifts 

One of the most special gifts as when I was in school. My mom gifted me 12-13 books and she had hidden those books inside the house and every one hour I would find one book wrapped in gift paper. That was very very dear and exciting for me. On my 25th birthday, my wife who was my girlfriend then made something very special for me. At that time mobile and apps were not there, so she has collected videos from all my friends and family and made a small edit out of that. That was extremely emotional for me and it brought tears to my eyes. 

Birthday wish

Namit Das and Shruti

I hope everyone is happy and there are love and positivity in the air. I wish health and happiness for everyone around. I want to people survive this year as there is so much happening all around us.

 About the series 'Mafia' that released this morning

Namit das

I couldn't have asked for a better gift; my show Mafia releases today. Without divulging much about the series, I can only say that it's a suspense thriller. Its a journey of six friends and how their lives are entangled through their past doings.  In the game of Mafia, there is a detective, a doctor and then there are villagers.  It's a whodunit kind of a thriller. My character has a lot of layers to it and how what follows at the end is complete mayhem. Mafia is quite dark and chaotic.

 On doing dark and gritty roles

I had shot for these projects way back, and it is just that the shows have released back to back. I am glad that in this quarantine period my two shows are streaming and I am garnering love from the audience. There are so many people out there who are waiting for their projects to kickstart. With god showering me with blessing, all I have is humbleness and gratitude in my heart.

Namit das

 Here's wishing Namit Das a very Happy and Joyous Birthday!