It's been over three months all of us are under lockdown and waiting for it to end. Some of us are blessed to be around our friends and family, but there are many people who are away from home. Certainly, 2020 has hit us all hard as we have lost a lot many things and gained too. But still, we wake up with the same zeal and zest the next day. Amidst all this what keeps us going, is some amount of entertainment on the OTT platform. Having said that this month was indeed worth cherishing, know why!

As Sushmita Sen made her digital debut with Aarya last week and since then people are going gaga over her stellar performance and the series' gripping storyline line. The series is a Hindi adaptation of the Dutch series Ponza that means lady don. The nine-episode series directed by ace director ram Madvani has an ensemble cast of Chandrachur Singh, Namit Das, Sikandar Kher, Manish Chaudhari and others.

Aarya starcast

Directed by Ram Madhvani, the series largely revolves around Aarya (Sushmita Sen) as she transforms from a dutiful mother and good wife to a fierce woman after her husband Tej (Chandrachur Singh) is shot dead in broad daylight. She takes over his business of medicines (illegal opium trade) and does everything to protect her three children.

The series is not just cinematography strong, the verses and shlokas used in the form of dialogues are taken from Bhagavad Gita. 'Aarya' very well portrays the true meaning of life and shows how a woman who is also a mother, daughter, wife, a friend goes through troubles and is in a constant dilemma. But what keeps her going is the teaching from the Bhagwat Gita.

Sushmita Sen

Let's take a look at important and mindful life lessons that Aarya teaches us through Bhagavad Gita. Beware some major spoilers ahead!

Dharma Yoga (Things we do for family)

"Main apni family ko bachane ki liye kuch bhi kar sakti hu" says Sushmita Sen aka Aarya

Powerful, fierce and Godmother -- that's what Aarya's (character) is all about. Although she isn't keen on joining her family business, she gets into it so that she could find her husband's murderer. A mother, a wife, a daughter does everything possible to safeguard her family.



This is what Aarya teaches us the meaning of Dharma Yog, whatever happens in our life be it good bad or ugly we never step back from doing our duties.

Sushmita Sen

Karma Yog (As we sow, so shall we reap)

Like every mother, Aarya wants to protect her kids from the goons and illegal business that her father Zorawar is into. She starts getting threats from the mafia's and goons and till the best of her attempt she keeps her kids away from it. But as Karma has it her kids fall into the trap and are unnecessarily dragged into the ruckus.


We are all bound by Karma, what we do with others, or with something our family has done, comes back to us. Be it harming someone, killing someone, or taking money. Therefore, do good, be good and you will be sound in life.


 Jeevan Sangarsh se Bachna He kya? (Struggle is inevitable)

Aarya bears it all alone as a mother, as a daughter and as a wife. She wants to take her kids to a place where her children are free from the mess that his family business is into. No, it is not just her, every character in the show is struggling. Her kids are struggling to cope up with the loss of their father, Aarya's mother is struggling to find love in her husband, Aarya's father is struggling to make his business successful. 

Aarya's character


Having said that, nobody on this earth has ever achieved happiness and containment, we all go through struggles, hardships but and so on. The show teaches us that the struggle is inevitable and we have to keep ourselves mentally strong to deal with it. It is not that only one person is struggling, everyone has their share of struggle.

Greed leads us nowhere

"Bharosa wahi todte hai jinpe bharosa kiya jaata hai" says Aarya, true indeed.

 Aarya's father in the series is so greedy that he doesn't want his illegal business to end and in return kills Tej her own son-in-law, his daughter's husband. This kills Aarya's trust in her father, the grandchildren's trust in their grandfather.


Greed makes you blindfolded and kills everything. Yes, no one can deny that we aren't greedy, everyone has it in them knowingly and unknowingly. Always remember at the end, greed leads to destruction. 

 How does the show impact and help us in today's times

 We as a generation are socially so strong and have become social media warriors, that we fail to understand, sympathise, empathise with people and their situations we have forgotten the meaning of life, its teaching and learning. Very rarely do we see any web show or TV or film highlighting the great teaching of Bhagavad Gita or narrating it in the screenplay. Apart from Sushmita Sen's flawless acting, the premise of the show is hugely supported by shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita which we as a generation have not even read or the ones who have read didn't understand or relate it. No, the series isn't preachy it is very much prevalent and relevant in 2020.


To the ones who haven't watched it watch Aarya, which is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar VIP.