It was not just Priyanka Chopra or Kangana Ranaut who stole the show in Madhur Bhandarkar's fashion. Mugdha Godse as Janet Sequiera made us all sit upright and take notice. And with powerful performances in films like Jail, Heroine and Satyagraha, she has cemented her place in the industry.

IBTimes India, got in touch with the actress to talk about her earlier days and relationship with Rahul Dev.

Mugdha Godse, Rahul Dev
Mugdha Godse, Rahul DevInstagram

You have won several pageants and also been given the title of having the best body. In today's time, when there is so much bullying over body shaming and talk of body positivity, do you feel such pageants should exist?

I feel they should, for sure! They should because these pageants are a kind of appreciation, so any kind of appreciation and encouragement are welcome. These kinds of pageants create a great platform into the glamour industry. And nowadays it's diverse; there are pageants for all shapes and sizes, women and men. It's not limited and it's all celebratory. It has become all the more reason to come forward and be you.

Aren't women being put under a lot of stress and made to see their negatives during the grooming round of such pageants?

In my opinion, no! This is what growth is. Grooming is a kind of discipline, basic education of public manners and behaviour and for any kind of growth, one has to go through a few difficulties and challenges. Now one can't sit and cry about it saying it gives them negativity. Build that confidence and truly have the courage to be you. These days there are grooming sessions not only in pageants but for many other professions too.

There are several shows these days where they work around finding the best model, the supermodel. Contestants are called fat, thick, small, tiny at such shows in the name of grooming. What do you have to say to that?

These must be the reality TV shows. They sensationalize the content for TRP and I'm sure whoever is entering such shows is not expecting rosy and sweet comments either. This just prepares them for more adversities and in my opinion, makes them stronger to face the world. Having said that, one must not overlook how shallow these people are who use such words for other human beings in the name of training them. These days compassion is a rare quality, we all possess it but very few express it.

You were touted as the big thing after you appeared in Fashion. What went wrong after that?

I don't see anything having gone wrong? If people are interviewing me even after 11 years something definitely has gone right here.

Mugdha Godse Turns Fashionista
Mugdha Godse Turns Fashionista

Do you feel you didn't get the recognition you deserved?

I don't have any mark set up for recognition. We are artists if the film works, people think we are successful and if it doesn't then we failed. It's every film's fate to be successful or unsuccessful. There is no doubt that actor also benefits when a film does well, but for me, it goes beyond all this too. There is life beyond all this. Today we are at home in isolation, saving our lives from this pandemic situation.

So, being around people who love us, family, two times of food and a roof above our head is all we need to be happy. If you have all of this then, I think you are super successful in life. My heart goes out for daily wagers. When it's a matter of life and death; films, success, failures, nothing matter. We really need to understand the purpose of life and learn to stay happy. I'm very happy and continue to be until the time I'm breathing.

It has been several years since you and Rahul Dev have been in a relationship. What are the ups and downs of being with a man who is much older to you?

As long as a couple is happy and there is companionship, age doesn't matter and we don't have a huge age gap. Many in our industry or outside industry people also have 12-13 years of the age gap. It's all about two individuals getting along and wanting to spend their life together. Also after crossing a certain age, age becomes just a number. One should find peace within and everything falls in place.

How is your equation with his son?

I would say, we are good friends.

Any plans of tying the knot anytime soon?

We always get hounded by these questions but we are very happy.