Social media and the internet is a boon as well as a bane, people of different age groups use it differently. But at these testing times and the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, what is more disturbing is the leaked chats of Delhi's school-going boys' social media group called "#BoysLockerRoom," which came to light yesterday.

The leaked chats of the teenage boys' group show objectionable posts about the minor girls. The moment the issue came into light, social media fumed with fire and today the debate just got intensified after the issue of #GirlsLockerRoom came into notice as reported the group is run by girls and allegedly talks about men in a disrespectful manner. 

The screenshots of both the genders talking ill about each are disturbing and have compelled few celebs to come up and talk about it. A few hours ago, Maanvi Gagroo of Four More Shots Please fame wrote an open letter and gave an opinion about the boys' locker room incident.

International Business Times, India got in touch with Bigg Boss 9 fame and Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi to know what are her thoughts on controversial Boys and Girls lockerroom's leaked chats.

Mandana Karimi

On the issue of #BoysLockerRoom leaked chat

I wasn't aware of this incident but now I know it fully. Firstly I would like to say, this body shaming and ill-treating have been going around from a very long time. As we say social media has two sides, some positive and negative. All this is because of lack of sexual education and when you have a lot of free time like these your mind starts playing games. Boys and girls start shaming each other. I have seen so many instances wherein post-breakup things turn nasty between boys and girls, especially the young ones. There are so many cases where boys shame and talk to them about their sexuality, gay, non-gay etc. I feel the social media is a dark place, with so much time in hand, these people are now indulging in such things.

 On #GirlsLockerRoom chats being unveiled

Mandana Karimi
Mandana KarimiPR Handout

Girls aren't each others best friends, I want to tell you that I have met so many people on social media who talk about feminism, but in reality, there is nothing in them. Very few girls help other girls. There are so many nasty comments girls make and pass on boys. I have seen in my own Instagram comment section. How they talk or write nasty comments. Some of the Instagrammers write such horrible things, even girls do that, they start abusing and talking publicly. Its all lack of proper mindset and overuse of social media and the internet.

Like I mentioned earlier social media is a dark place and if any one finds either girls shaming boys or vice versa I urge people to report it to the authorities . Strict action needs to be taken about this

For the unversed, here are some of the screengrabs of the chats that are being shared all across social media.

Boys Locke room case

boyslocker roomm image
Boys locker room leakes sc
Boys locker room leakes sc
Boys locker room leakes sc

Girls locker room case

Seeing the leaked screenshots all over the internet, Mumbai police shared an advisory to stop these young guns. Check out the message.



Coming back to Mandana Karimi, currently the actress is busy doing household chores like most of us are doing during the home quarantine.

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