Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah

While 'Bindaas' and 'Bold' are few words that are often associated with Kashmera Shah, those who know her well, vouch for her immense talent, wisdom and rationality. Krushna calls her not only acutely observant but also highly entertaining.

Ahead of the release of her film – Marne Bhi Do Yaaron – where husband Krushna would be seen playing an important role, Kashmera spoke to International Business Times, India, about how the film was conceptualised, presenting it at Cannes and debutant Rishab Chauhan.

The title Marne Bhi Do Yaaron reminds us of the cult classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. Any resemblance to that film in terms of theme, plot or satire?

Yes, I hope it turns out to be a cult film like that. I would say that our film is also a dark comedy. Marne Bhi Do Yaaron is an apt title for this because it is about a young man, who wants to commit suicide. However, he gets caught up and his plan gets foiled.

Interestingly, he then meets another person who offers to kill him for some money. The most important thing in the film is that it comes with a very strong message. The youth of today is so busy with the social media platforms that they do not realise what all they are missing out in life. And by the time they realise it, it turns out to be too late.

The youth and the kids form their imaginary bubble and then have no idea about how to struggle and survive. Everything is given to them on a platter so when tough times come, they just give up. They have not been taught about how to fail and still take it in their stride. This message has been given out in my film in a very subtle way with dark humour and satire. So, satire – yes, but not anything else.

How was it conceptualised?

Well, in the last few years, the industry has seen many young talents take their own life. I always used to think about what could have driven them to such a point where they had no hope left. I always thought what if someone or something could make them change their mind at the last minute.

Perhaps a call from parents, a doorbell, a message from a friend; anything. That is what made me write the first scene of my film. The man is planning to commit suicide when he gets interrupted by someone.

Secondly, I am a huge fan of the reality show – Survivor. It is such a life-changing show. The way twists come every time there is voting and elimination is what happens with us in real-life too. Sudden bad news, unexpected trauma; anything that shakes us up. But, just like the show, we all get a second chance. And it is up to us to grab that second chance and make something out of it.

I would say my film is anti-suicidal. I hope my film manages to save someone, it if gives even one depressed person some hope; all our efforts would be fruitful.

The song Shivay gave us an intriguing looking Krushna Abhishek. What can you tell us about his character in the movie?

Krushna is playing seven-eight characters in the film. Though he is known to be a comic actor, he does emotional scenes very well. He is a very fine actor. Nobody has really tapped that side of him and I have wanted to explore and bring forth his versatility as an actor.

How did you choose Rishab Chauhan? Did he go through an audition or was he directly brought on-board?

For starters, Rishab is very good-looking and hot! (Laughs) Just kidding! Rishab is related to Krushna and while he was trying to find some work in Mumbai, I wanted to get him on-board for my short film. But he refused as he wanted to do a feature film.

Then I signed him for another project but, the film did not take off. Since I had seen how talented he is, I chose to do this film with him. I explained the entire plot to him and he happily agreed to join us.

There was no audition but he did a lot of homework for his role. I asked him to watch a number of films and told him that this is the kind of acting I like and I want. I did not want someone over-dramatic for this. When you see the film, you would realise he has played the part in a very subtle and finessed manner.

You also took your film to Cannes. How was that reaction?

For someone like me, who people do not know as an intelligent and independent woman, it was an enlightening moment. For my film's trailer to be the opening trailer in Indian pavilion and having received such warm applause and outstanding response to it was almost surreal.

For me, as a woman, single-handedly managing everything it was a moment which cannot be put into words. After the birth of my kids, this was the biggest highlight of my life. No big banner was backing me. Krushna is the producer. Ghar ka producer hai to aur kum paise diye. There is no big music company or satellite rights company with me. It was just about us and the hard work we had put in.

Now that you have seen and experienced directing and acting; which one do you think is more difficult?

Acting and directing together is the most difficult thing. I have done both in the film. I have to say action, I have to say cut, I have to act and most importantly, I have to analyse whether I acted correctly or not. Directing is also a difficult job since you are putting your ideas on the screen and if it does not translate well then only you are to be blamed.

The film is slated to release by the end of October.