Bigg Boss contestant Arti Singh has come out as an even bigger celebrity and a bigger name than she was before entering the house. Arti truly came out on her own and made people forget that she was Krushna's sister or Govinda's niece. International Business Times, India, got in touch with Arti to talk about how is she pampering herself after Bigg Boss and amid this lockdown.

Did you watch the entire show after coming out of the house? What was your impression of yourself?

I have watched only the first three episodes of the show. However, even if I did watch the entire show, it wouldn't matter to me as I am aware of my actions inside the house. I know where I went wrong and where I was right. It's not about what impression I have of myself, it's about what people thought of me and I believe I have got a lot of love and respect from everyone.

Arti Singh
Arti Singh

Have the equations changed in the real world? Has watching the show from the outside given you a different perspective on people?

Equations have definitely changed in the real world. Not just people, I have changed too, as a person I have become more patient and calm because I know now that I don't need to react to everything as things might blow out of proportion and it's not required. My equation has become better with everybody including my family. Watching the show hasn't given me any different perspective as I am aware of my actions and I know how the housemates were with me. It doesn't matter anymore.

Whom all are you in touch with?

I am in touch with Shefali Jariwala, Paras, Mahira, Rashami, Devoleena, Khesari, and Bhau. My equation hadn't gone wrong with anyone and I have no animosity with anyone. I will be very happy to meet all of them.

What's your equation with Rashami and Sidharth now?

I haven't spoken to Sidharth post-Bigg Boss. My equation with Rashami is the same as it was 8 years back. She is a dear friend and has been there for me when I needed her. Our equation in the Bigg Boss house was different as we had different views on different things. However, emotionally I know she will be there for me as I will for her.

How is this extended lockdown working out for after being locked up inside the BB house?

To be honest the extended lockdown at times can be frustrating but it is needed and the conditions are better than the Bigg Boss house. Here we have access to technology which keeps us distracted, we can watch the news and know what's happening in the world. We have the means to be in touch with our family and friends, and also I don't need to cook for 12 people. However, I wish this gets over soon because so many people are suffering especially the daily wage earners and my heart goes out to them.

What's keeping you busy amid this lockdown?

Daily household chores are keeping me busy as I don't have any help currently. I am washing clothes, mopping and sweeping the floor, washing dishes and cooking all on my own. Apart from that, I am exercising a lot as I had put on weight inside the Bigg Boss house. By the time this lockdown is over and work starts I hope to get back in shape and look fit. I am also catching up on all the films and shows that I had missed watching.