Chef Ranveer Brar
Chef Ranveer BrarPR Handout

While it is said that the best way to make one's way to someone else's heart is through their stomach, Chef Ranveer Brar does it by just presenting some delicious food for viewers.

The 39-year-old heartthrob has made his way from the Indian television to the walls of several bedrooms thanks to his charming personality, adoring smile and down-to-earth attitude.

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While much has been written about the chef and avid fans know quite a bit about him, the celebrity chef got candid with International Business Times India revealing a few known and unknown details about him.

1. He finds cooking risotto therapeutic:

"The entire process of cooking a risotto is repetitive, meditative even. When I eat out, too, there's always a risotto order. That's the one time I would actually enter the kitchen and say, let me cook it for myself!" he told IBTimes India.

2. He prefers cooking books over cooking videos:

When we asked him about the increasing trend of cooking videos, the chef said he feels books have their own charm. "The USP of culinary books is the touch and feel. When you hold a book and cook along, leaving ingredient stains on pages, bookmarking, making notes, all that charm will always be there. Books evolve as you evolve. One makes a connect with them, cookbooks especially," he said.

3. He doesn't have just one favourite Indian chef:

Ranveer has a list of chefs he adores. "The great Padma Shri Imitiaz Qureshi for being the torchbearer for Lucknow, Chef Manjit Gill for bringing Indian food to the fore right back in the 90s, Sanjeev Kapoor for his simplicity, Kunal [Kapoor] for his understanding of Indian food, Vikas [Khanna] for his persistence. I could keep adding to the list," he said.

4. He reckons Dora Kebabs as his signature dish:

While he has revealed this in a few of his previous interviews, he told us why exactly the Lucknowi boy calls them his signature dish. "Dora Kebab has very delicate flavours and is cooked on a silken thread," he explained.

5. Though a Punjabi boy, Ranveer would choose kababs over butter chicken on any given day.

6. But Ranveer still holds on to his Punjabi spirit. He revealed he would gulp down a plate of Rajma Chawal over Kadhi Chawal.

7. And the star chef is not a fan of the Patiala Peg. He chose Lassi over a glass of alcohol.