Evicted Ajaz Khan Fans Urge Bigg Boss to Bring him Back
Evicted Ajaz Khan Fans Urge Bigg Boss to Bring him BackColors Video

The fans of Ajaz Khan, who was evicted from "Bigg Boss Halla Bol", have urged the Bigg Boss to give a chance and bring him back on the show. Now, #wewantajazback #ihatealiqulimirza are trending on Twitter

Former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan, who entered the newly launched "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" series as the first challenger, was eliminated from the show after he resorted to violence during his fight with fellow contestant Ali Quli Mirza and also caused injuries to the latter on 106th day of the show.

Bigg Boss announced that Ajaz had been invited to be a part of "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" as a Challenger owing to his intensely entertaining stint during season 7. Instead of being an entertainer, he has become a cause for grievance not only to the contestants, but also to the show.

"Ajaz's latest act of violence was the last straw because he is also aware that it is in violation of the rules of the show. Actions or behaviour against the mandate of the show will always be unacceptable and would not be tolerated within the confines of the house at any point in time," added Bigg Boss.

However, Ajaz Khan fans are very upset over his sudden eviction. While some of them admit that it was Azaj's mistake, a few others say that Ali intentionally tricked him to get evicted. They say that Puneet and Sonali also did that same, but they got a chance to correct themselves.

Many fans of Ajaz Khan expressed their disappointment over Bigg Boss having double standards. Besides trending #wewantajazback #ihatealiqulimirza on Twitter, they request big boss to bring him back on the show.

Here are Twitter comments of Ajaz Khan fans:

Vj Arib Khalique ‏@khaliquarib007

#ihatealiqulimirza bhaiya ur the real entertainer main aur meri mummy show dekhna band kar denge aaj se #wewantajazback

No-Way ‏@alhaz_sidhva

@BiggBoss @BiggggBoss BiggBose Ko Ajaz ko wapis Ghar Mai lana hi Padega.. Ajaz ke bina show flop ho jayega. #wewantajazback

Dhruv ‏@dhruvspeaks95

@BiggBoss Ali chooses cheap tactics to eliminate competitors. ajaz is far more entertaining than Ali.#wewantajazback

WK ‏@WaseemKazi

If Punz got another chance n Sonali gt away with a slap then #wewantajazback @rajcheerfull @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #BB8 #bigbosshallabol

Rohit Verma ‏@VermaRv364662

@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @AjazkhanActor yes we all agree to #EknumberManas Ali bahut zayada provoke Kar raha tha and Ali hit 1st #wewantajazback. all #coward champions got scared of #EknumberManas Toh cheating karke nikal rahe hai #wewantajazback

Karim Sediq ‏@Afg7Karim

Ali hit Ajaz first then Ajaz got angry as Ali wanted to get violent and Ajaz just put him In a headlock that's it! @BiggBoss #wewantajazback

NIMRA ‏@Nimrafa

#wewantajazback @BiggBoss ap hamesha hi double standard rahe ho punit,kushal ko chance aure ajaz ko kyu nahi

Naim Khan ‏@iamNmalik

#BB8 Big boss Ali was wrong we want Azaz back otherwise just get lost big boss #wewantajazback

Alia Khan @Alia786khan

@AjazkhanActor @leonidasmujahid @AliQuliMirza manipulated the situation as he has done all season. #Fake #dramabaz And poor Ajaz got played

Ravi Chandarana @chandarana_ravi

@AjazkhanActor ajaz is real entertainer .. AQM is annoying nd irritating .. Jab dekho tab ustad ustad karta rehta hai @BiggBoss bring AK bck

Shahana Laounii @FouinyBaby123

@AjazkhanActor u r ze real entrtainr Ajaz,nt Ali!He ws actng 2 b hrt so tht u get out of BB,he hd already dne dis b4!u'll always b our ek n0