'Bigg Boss Halla Bol' Challengers
'Bigg Boss Halla Bol' ChallengersBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 106 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house was louder than usual.

Challenger Sambhavna Seth was on top of her game with her slipper-hurling act. Meanwhile, Ajaz Khan managed to get himself thrown out of the house for physically assaulting Ali Quli Mirza.

Dimpy Mahajan's altercation with Sambhavna reached unbelievable heights when the former was attacked with slippers. What began with a sensible discussion about dividing duties among the Challengers turned into an ugly tiff when Sambhavna tried silencing her in a humiliating manner.

However, the issue didn't end there as Dimpy went on to express how disappointed she was with her estranged husband Rahul Mahajan. Apparently, it was on his request that Dimpy made an attempt to explain how things work in the mad house.

After all the sniff-sniff, the episode between Ajaz and Ali took a nasty turn. What looked like a friendly banter at first, snowballed into a heated argument with Ajaz punching Ali. The injured housemate was immediately taken to the confession room, which was followed by a serious discussion on who really faltered during the entire episode.

While Karishma Tanna was of the opinion that all Ali tried doing was have a friendly conversation, Sambhavna went on to lent her support to Ajaz. Gautam Gulati, amid all the confusion, was spotted pacifying both Ali and Ajaz.

In other news, the contestants speculated the mysterious tent, which was erected in the garden with five sleeping bags. While the Champions thought they'd have to shift base, the Challengers appeared confused as to what was going on.

However, as announced by Bigg Boss that the original "BB8" contestants will have some advantage over the new ones, the Challengers were asked to move their luggage into the tents adding that they'd have to sleep in it until they've earned the right to snug in the cozy beds. Surprising them further, it was also announced that they would have to do the household chores and that the meal menus will be decided by the Champions.

The finalists were given a bit more edge over the rest when it was revealed that only the Challengers are free to be nominated. This announcement shook the newcomers' confidence levels, and Sambhavna, Ajaz and Mahek Chahal were pushed to the danger zone.

Interestingly, post the prelude to day 3 of "Bigg Boss Halla Bol", the makers informed that the voting lines would be closed for the week. This could either be intentional, to rough things up between the Challengers and Champions or it could be due to Ajaz's unceremonious eviction.

Whatever the case may be, the loudness overdose was a clear indication of the fact that the Challengers overpowered the finalists in a big way on day 2.