The next big Halo is almost upon us. Mark your calendars for 27 October as on that day Halo 5: Guardians will be officially pushed out by Bungie, after months of rumours, leaks and speculations. And as you might expect, there are a host of changes that have been applied to the new Halo, compared to the ones of the past.

While there's still some time left before the new Halo is finally released, here's a throwback at everything in the game that have changed or evolved, compared to the Halo titles of the past.

Halo 5: Guardians – All Changes Listed

To start off with, expect big changes in the overall movement of your characters in the game. According to reports, the developers have adjusted the sprint ability multiple times before and after the beta, with the final result being a satisfying result for all.

With the new changes, basically, you will be able to run a bit slower that what it was in the beta. However there's a catch – in that time, your shield will not regenerate. When you first spawn, expect the shield to be there, but things will change a bit after the first firefight.

Speaking of sprinting, it will be quite important during firefights, as far as close-quarter combat is concerned. For instance, the Spartan Assault will drop an opponent's shield with just one hit. And if lucky, you can combine the one-hit strike with a two-hit death combo.

That being said, it is indeed possible to avoid a Spartan Assault -- just move to another direction. The attack becomes more effective, depending on how close you are to a target. Aside that, you can use it to avoid grenades and other attacks, or even duck behind cover.

The firefights in Halo 5: Guardians have a bit common with Gears of War. For starters, suppressive fire will play an important role in the game. For the game, Spartans will form a smart link between their guns and armour, allowing players to zoom in with every weapon.

Apart from that, the hover ability sees some major new changes. While the hovering ability has always been there, for the new Halo, players can perform a Ground Perform after hovering. You just have to select a target on the ground while in the air, and your Spartan will land there.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]