Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed aka Uorfi Javed is once again in the spotlight. Not a day goes by, when the actress and social media sensation grabs headlines, every day, someone or the other from the fraternity targets the actress for wearing bold outfits. Her sartorial choices have irked a larger section of society, be it from the industry or the netizens, either there is an FIR against the actor for wearing scintillating clothes, or the celebrity takes to their social media account to call out Uorfi's dressing sense. Amidst all the emotional turmoil, the actress is still confident and dons her DIY creations. After comedian Sunil Pal, the latest celebrity who has issues with Uorfi's fashion sense is social media personality Vikas Fatak aka Hindustani Bhau.

uorfi Javed

Hindustani Bhau lashed out at the actress for wearing bold and risqué outfits. The actress gave a befitting reply to the YouTuber and actor. Read on to know who said what!

"Sudhar ja beta varna main sudhaar dunga" : Hindustani Bhau schools Uorfi for wearing bold outfits!

Hindustani Bhau took to his social media accounts and shared a video targeting Urfi for her wearing bold outfits. He went on to lecture her on the Indian culture, and how she is tarnishing it, he then warned her to wear better outfits. In the video, the actor firmly tells Uorfi "Sudhar ja beta varna main sudhaar dunga." (You better behave yourself or I will have to..)

Watch the video of Hindustani Bhau below:

Uorfi gave a befitting reply to Bhau. She took to her Instagram stories and shared the video of Hindustani Bhau where he is seen talking about her outfits and schooling her. Along with the video, she wrote, Ohhh!Or aap gaali dete ho wo to India ka Riyaz hai, apka gaaliyo ne kitne logo ko sudhara hai.. Now that you've openly threatened me, you know I can put you behind the bars but wait havent you been there like a million times already? Ye toh kitna achha msg hai youth k liye jail jana, apne se aadhi umar ki ladki ko openly threaten karna.( The message that you are sending across of, openly threatening a girl, is this good?) Also remember you told my photographer and Mohsin that you wanna talk to me a few months back that you wanna help me in Obed Afridi's case you wanted publicity and I told you straight away no. I don't want your help! Kapde toh ya hu mere same the! Also one thing f**k you."

uorfi Javed

In another post, Urfi Javed added that such things take a toll on her mental health

In the second story she wrote, "These are literally the same people who wanted me to come meet them few weeks back, be friends with them just because I denied their friendship, their help cause I knew their intentions now they're coming at me. Guys trust me they ghanta care what I wear, they only want publicity. Honestly, everyone on the internet threatening to hit me, kill me has fucked me up mentally. (No lie) Imagine being in my position, everyday someone uploads a video against you, threatening to beat you up cause of what you put on your own body. I have never said anything ill about anyone , harmed anyone. I'm not scared but yes I am concerned about my safety, if not them then these people are provoking the common masses to hit me not just me they are giving out a msg that if you don't find a girls outfit decent enough you can hit her, threaten her . You all are putting a lot of girls safety through your stupid videos."

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