Bigg Boss OTT fame and social media sensation Uorfi Javed never fails to garner headlines. She is known for her unique fashion sense. Uorfi never fails to turn heads with the outfits that she creates and wears. The actress never minces her words and is quite vocal about her choice of attire that she dons publicly. However,  there are several instances where the actress has been pulled up for her bold outfits, and netizens have slammed her but that hasn't stopped her from being comfortable in her skin.


"She is playing with our holy Muslim name"

Several people in the past have called out Uorfi for her style of dressing. Recently, comedian Sunil Pal reprimanded her for her clothes and called her "Pagal." He even said that she is tarnishing the holy Muslim community by wearing indecent clothes. He was of the view that Uorfi is going nude to stay in news.

Taking to his Instagram account, Sunil Pal shared a video of him talking about how actress Uorfi is tarnishing the community's image.

Speaking in Hindi he said, "Ye Uorfi Javed pagla gayi h kya (Is Uorfi Javed out of her mind?) I would like to thank the woman who complained against Uorfi. I think Uorfi wants to do something so that she is the topic of news and grabs headlines this way. Woh hamare pavitra Muslim Naam ke saath khilwar kar rahe hai." (She is playing with our holy Muslim name.)"

Watch the video below:

Netizens trolled Uorfi for sharing a video of her in a topless outfit on Friday

On Friday, Uorfi Javed dropped a string of pictures and video. In the video, Urfi wore a black high waist wide leg pants and, this time, she went topless. She had covered her modesty with a tiny metallic stick-on. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail. Netizens slammed her for sharing a topless video of herself on Friday which is also known as "Jummah"

Some of them loved Uorfi's latest video and showered her with love. While trolled slammed her saying, "Jumma hai aaj kuch toh Khyaal Rakho".


On Saturday, the actress gave a befitting reply to the trolls she shared the pictures in the same outfit and wrote, "Shameless but pretty. Also, the definition of decency, and vulgarity differs from person to person. For some people it's showing legs , for some it's wearing a bikini, for some, it's just Uorfi Javed. So I decided to not listen to anyone. Be my own judge. If what I put or don't put on my body bothers you, go f*ck yourself!"