Donald Trump, Narendra Modi
Modi bhakts, please stop circulating this fake video of Donald Trump and kidFacebook

Imagine this situation. When the US President asks an American kid "Who do you like the most?" How likely is to hear him answer "Modi" ?

It may sound unbelievable, but Narendra Modi's fans (or haters?) have made it possible to promote (or may be to troll) the Indian prime minister, all thanks to the latest technologies that can easily fool many of us.

An old campaign video of Trump with the kid has resurfaced, but with a slight change this time.

How believable it is? Decide yourself!

Hoax busted

The latest viral video with BBC News watermark is clearly a fake one.

The video of Trump with a kid was actually shot during Republican presidential candidate's election rally in 2016. In the original clip, Trump asks the kid, "Do you want to go back with your mommy  and daddy or do you want to stay with Donald Trump?" And the boy responded "Trump".

It's now changed to "Who do you like the most?" with the kid responding "Modi"! 

Interestingly, the video has the watermark of, a website that allows people to dub their voice over a short video clip (up to 15 seconds) and become a parody superstar.

Listen to the voice, it's definitely not Trump's. Even Trump would be shocked if he sees this edited video!

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According to Washington Times, Trump had spotted the 2-year-old Hunter Tirpak, dressed in a dark blue suit, power tie, and his hair poofed up resembling his style during a rally at Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre in October 2016.

Modi bhakts actually thought it's a real video!

Interestingly, the parody video had some takers in India and a local BJP leader from Kerala has taken it for granted that it was the original. He is using the American child's "love for Modi" for campaigning for the party in his locality. And a video of the BJP activist referring to the video to praise his leader at a public function is doing the rounds on WhatsApp now. 

Even American kids are praising Modi, he says in the video. He couldn't even realise the video he received on WhatsApp is manipulated! Poor man, he's now the butt of ridicule, for believing  the fake one for real. 

Now, watch the original video of Trump here: