"What exactly are you feeling for us engineers today? On Doctors day, you feel grateful for doctors because saving lives; Teachers day, you are thankful for teachers, because enlightening lives; Engineers day, are you thankful, grateful, what exactly are you feeling for us today?" opens  Shraddha's comic satire video that has garnered the attention of 3 lakh viewers on Instagram. 

Popularly known on social media as Aiyyo Shraddha, she is a former engineer turned IT employee who eventually found her calling in creative arts as an RJ, anchor, actor and now, a digital content creator. 

The social media comic, who currently lives in Bengaluru, quit her IT life to become an RJ and then host of a Kannada TV show, before winning hearts with her portrayal of Vasu in Prime's comic web series Pushpavalli in 2017. 

Aiyyo Shraddha's latest comic satire has caught the pulse of engineers in the IT capital
Aiyyo Shraddha's latest comic satire has caught the pulse of engineers in the IT capitalInstagram

Taking to her social media handles, Aiyyo Shraddha shared her latest work titled 'Do you even know engineers?' on September 15, a tribute cum reminder to engineers thriving in the IT Capital of the country. The 4.26-minute video takes its audience through a monologue-style visual comedy highlighting work pressure, family pressure, even start-up pressure faced by today's engineers. 

"Engineers Day is made for the world to remind us what engineering really is. What he (Sir M Vishveshvarya) did! And to ask us, neevu yenri maadhta idhira? What are you doing?" it furthered before intensifying in a subtle yet humourous manner.

How engineers could relate

Looks like a lot of engineers were able to relate to her satire as her Instagram post alone has received more than a thousand comments with those from the IT world popping up to share their moments.

A Youtuber reacts

Talking about the qualities of an engineer, Shraddha's act stepped up to call the lot, a spiritual and detached one. Her reason was hilarious.

"Engineers are more spiritual than other professionals. We practice detachment very early in our life... we are not at all attached to our education. We would have studied four years of engineering but we would immediately do one MBA and get into sales and marketing... we'll start one catering business, it's ok." she shared before adding, "We are not even attached to our stream unlike doctors. Orthopedic means only bones, dentist means only teeth, civil engineer is not attached to building, he will do coding. An electrical engineer is not attached to hardware, he will do software... go with the flow, it's a very zen concept."

Engineering memes on social media
Engineering memes on social media

Another user, a former engineer, responding to her video shared her dilemma. "Brilliant! Even though it's easy to laugh at what you are talking, I feel bad at the pressure mounted on people who study engineering. I am an engineer myself but left the profession at the hints of motherhood! The only comfort is I am happy deep inside that I studied engineering and it made a big difference to my life!"

Apart from Shraddha's satirical take, Twitter too floated with its share of Engineers Day memes and moments. 

Joining the bandwagon, RJ Nethra from Karnataka too jumped in and replied to the video, "Film industry is another lucrative career option for engineers these days."

The video ending on a rather 'food for thought' note, concluded with, "In this country, to get respect as a doctor, you just become a doctor. To get respect as an engineer, you need to become Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji, Ironman... that Ironman got us some respect da!"

September 15 is India's chosen day to honour and celebrate engineers across the nation. Taken after the birth anniversary of Sir M Visvesvaraya, Bharat Ratna awardee and Indian civil engineer renowned for his contribution towards building India.