Several evangelists and Biblical preachers strongly believe that the world is currently going through the end times. To substantiate their views, they often put forward something deadly which is happening on the planet, and since November 2019, they are propagating this doomsday theory using the coronavirus pandemic. As the coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down, these doomsday mongers believe that the clock is ticking for humanity.

Coronavirus: A plague of Biblical proportions

The novel coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China has already infected more than 99 million people worldwide, and it has made these people believe that this pandemic is a plague of Biblical proportions.

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And now, a scripture has warned that the recent coronavirus outbreak is simply a taste of events that are yet to unfold.

Tom Meyer, a professor in Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US, who is also known as the Bible Memory Man claimed that the clocks are ticking down the time until the rapture.

"Covid-19 has given the world the slightest taste of the global chaos that will ensue on the day Christians all over the world suddenly disappear. Nations will panic; lockdowns will follow; markets will crash; conspiracy theories (eg. alien abductions) will abound etc. This sudden disappearance of Christians is predicted in the Bible and is called the Rapture - 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18," Meyer told

Meyer also claimed that the second coming of Christ will happen seven years after the Great Tribulation period which will be characterized by natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and giant tsunamis.

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"The 'dead in Christ' will rise first. After graves have been ripped open all over the world and the bodies of dead Christians have been raised by the shout of Christ, the living Christians will be snatched or taken suddenly from this world. This event is not to be confused with the biblical teaching of the Second Coming of Christ which takes place at least seven years after the Rapture when Christ physically returns to earth - Zechariah 14:4," added Meyer.

Is snowfall in deserts the sign of an apocalypse?

In the meantime, a section of apocalypse believers has started claiming that the recent snowfall that happened in the deserts of Saudi Arabia's Asir province could be also a sign of an imminent doomsday. Israel365News, which promotes Biblical prophecies claimed that prophet Isaiah had talked about the possibility of world end when deserts bloom.