Empire season 3 episode 5 will have a bunch of surprising revelations for the viewers.Facebook/Empire

Empire season 3 might go on a week long hiatus this Wednesday, October 19, due to the World Series Game broadcast. Episode 5, which is titled One Before Another, will not be aired this week. The fifth episode will continue to follow the Lyons after the break.

Informing the followers of Fox musical series about the probable rescheduling of the show, the network stated that the telecast of upcoming episode depends on the length of the game, which is scheduled to kick-off at 4pm EST.

So the fans might have to wait until October 26 for a new episode of the popular drama series. Click here to watch Empire season 3 episode 5 live online. One Before Another will also be available online here.

It will be an important episode for the Lyons as they will be facing various challenges in life. While Jamal will finally find a way out to overcome his fear, Andre and Lucious will be on high alert. For Cookie and Anika, it's time to keep a distance from the police department.

Here is the official synopsis for the new episode:

Lucious and Andre are on high alert as they wait for Shine to retaliate after their latest business encounter went south. Jamal, who has yet to perform in front of his fans, teams up with Hakeem for a performance that he thinks could help him face his fears. Meanwhile, Cookie is caught off-guard during a routine meeting with her probation officer.

 Watch the official trailer for Empire season 3 episode 5, titled One Before Another, below: