Emily Ratajkowski
Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski Official Instagram (emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram sans clothes again. The model who is known for her risqué snaps was at it again when she went completely naked for a series of artistic shots that showed off the model's enviable figure.

The 28-year-old model reportedly shared the arty black and white silhouette photos with her over 24 million followers. Standing near and in-door-outdoor open deck area, with the water behind her, she posed in a seductive s-shaped pose. Emily seemed to not have a stitch of clothing on her body for the three photos.

Her body was very much in a dark shade and her facial features couldn't be made out with her hair falling across her face. 

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily RatajkowskiInamorata Official Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has been using the social media platform to promote her swimwear line Inamrata. Emily has been keeping herself busy with the brand. Emily Ratajkowski has been trying to prove to the world that she is more than just a pretty face, and she has had to face a lot of criticism as well. The topless pic follows a pic she shared a photo of herself in lingerie baring her armpit hair. Along with the post, she shared that she had written an essay for Harper's Bazaar about being hyper femme and the 'women's right to choose.'

Emily Ratajkowski has also been trying her hand at acting. And we have to say that she is making quite a lot of progress. The beauty started with small roles, like her part in the movie adaptation "Gone Girl" but she has gone on to sink her teeth into much meatier roles since.

The gorgeous model has also been using her platform to spread a message of woman empowerment. You can check out the pics here: