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During the Emmy Awards 2019, Emilia Clarke addressed the backlash received by Game of Thrones season eight, calling it "profoundly flattering".

"You know what? It was profoundly flattering is what it was because when someone cares that much that they're ready to make such a noise about how they believe the characters should have been finished and how the story should've gone, that's just enormously flattering. That just shows how much everybody loved it," she told Variety.

Millions of fans had high hopes from Game of Thrones season eight. Many even assumed that with the final season, they will finally learn all about the prophecies and will see an impactful ending to the greatest series of all time. However, when the six-episode season aired on HBO, fans did not find the story to be up to the mark.

The backlash against Game of Thrones season eight was so huge that more than a million fans signed a petition urging HBO to reshoot the entire season with competent writers. However, that did not happen as reshooting an entire season is practically impossible. Fans are hoping that they will get to see some excellent piece of writing when Game of Thrones will return with its prequel series in 2020.

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That being said, Emilia Clarke also added that Game of Thrones cast had been feeling very bittersweet about the Emmys as apparently, it marked their final moment of togetherness. After the shoot wrapped up, all the cast and crew members went to their respective endeavours and Emmy Awards 2019 marked the last time when they all sat together.

"We've had enough space now since filming, since it coming out, since the premiere, and all of that stuff. It's been all of these different stages. Now, here we are and it feels like everyone's had some time to cool down a little bit," Clarke said.

Following the success of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke got the opportunity to star in Solo: A Star Wars Story. She will next be seen in Last Christmas and Above Suspicion. Both of the feature-length movies are under post-production and will reportedly release later this year.