Ellen DeGenres
Ellen DeGenres with wife Portia de RossiReuters

Rumours of the troubled marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's have surfaced once again and this time reports claim that the latter had enough and is finally heading for divorce.

A tabloid claims that the DeGeneres and de Rossi's divorce could be Hollywood's dirtiest divorces ever, as the couple might go through a $345 million divorce. The tabloid claims that DeGeneres and de Rossi are arguing more than ever.

"They've had heated debates about Ellen's controlling behaviour and her anger issues," In Touch magazine quoted a source as saying. "They fight over Ellen's drinking, her lavish spending — mostly on real estate — plus her busy work schedule and how she doesn't want Portia to work."

The couple is trying to pretend to be happy, but the sources have told the magazine that the divorce is "imminent" and it will not be easy because of DeGeneres' $345 million fortune.

"A good chunk of Ellen's fortune is at stake. This could be one of Hollywood's most expensive, ugliest and dirtiest divorces ever," the source said, adding, "DeGeneres and de Rossi always seem to be on the verge of a breakup over one crisis or another, but now a divorce is imminent. A good chunk of Ellen's fortune is at stake."

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the DeGeneres and de Rossi's divorce reports, and called it "ridiculous."

Earlier, DeGeneres dismissed all the reports and told People magazine that she is grateful for the love in her life. "Because not everybody finds that. Not everybody finds that best friend," she told People in an interview.

"Portia and I constantly say to each other, 'We are so lucky.' Sometimes it's lying in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever is out there," she said. "I've gotten to a place where I really am just settled. Really. I know that I'm not going anywhere. She's not going anywhere. I'm not saying the relationship took a while; I'm saying in my life, it took a while to find this."