Stranger Things fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of the second season. Millie Bobby Brown's character, Eleven has been a fan-favourite since it premiered on Netflix in 2016.

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The season 1 revolved around a bunch of teens and their mysterious friend Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Showrunner Duffer brothers and star David Harbour have already teased the fans saying the second season will be darker. And, Harbour's character Chief Hopper will not be featured as a good guy this time.

Hence the question arises — who is the actual villain of the show? Eleven, the Demogorgon, or some one else?

Recently at San Diego Comic-Con, actor Matthew Modine, who plays Dr. Brenner on the show, told Variety that Eleven is more villainous than his character in the horror series. "There's a lot of people who think Dr. Brenner is an evil character," Modine said.

"In all those scenes that you see him with Millie, did he ever speak harshly to her, did he ever harm her, did he ever not explain what it was that he was going to do with her?"

Netflix's Stranger Things
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Dr. Brenner is a research scientist in Netflix's Stranger Things who is utilising Eleven's supernatural abilities for his own experimental work.

But in his character's defence, Modine said, "Since her escape from the laboratory, how many people has she killed? And how many people has Dr. Brenner killed?"

He further continued, "And perhaps the only reason Dr. Brenner is so ardently pursuing Eleven is that what happens if Eleven were to get in the hands of somebody that is truly evil?"

The drama series, which has been nominated for six Emmys this year including Outstanding Drama category, will premiere this fall. The series will arrive on Netflix on October 27.

You can watch the trailer here.