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Breaking Bad's spinoff El Camino movie, starring Aaron Paul, was released on Netflix on Friday. The movie features the life of Jesse Pinkman after the events depicted in the final episode of Breaking Bad and takes the viewers on a journey of self-redemption also showing the extent to which Jesse followed the teachings of Walter White.

El Camino movie starts by showing Jesse Pinkman having a conversation with Michael 'Mike' Ehrmantraut and they are talking about what Jesse should do after their final task. From the looks of Jesse and Mike, it looks like the conversation happens before he was made prisoner by the Aryan Brotherhood and kept in the cage. Mike tells Jesse that if he the opportunity then he would have gone to Alaska to start a fresh life.

The movie then takes us to how Jesse Pinkman is on the run from the law after Walter White shot down the entire brotherhood by using military-grade weapons. At the same time, there are several law authority members who think that Jesse had something to do in the murder of DEA Hank Schrader.

We see how Jesse Pinkman is remembering the time when he was caged by Todd Alquist and his uncle. Todd apparently has murdered his housemaid after she found out the hiding location of all the money and takes Jesse on a sociopathic trip where he asks him to bury the lady in some far-away desert area.

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At the same time, we see how Jesse Pinkman then goes to Saul Goodman's Guy — the same person who promised to take him somewhere far away so that no one in the entire world knows where he is. For this, Jesse needs the money and he goes on to brutally murder for money.

Throughout the movie, Jesse Pinkman is shown troubled and on a run but in the final moments, he actually was seen enjoying the time he once spent with Walter White. For everyone's surprise, we do get to see Walter White in the final moments. Not only this, we see how Mr. White guides Jesse to pursue a career in Business & Marketing. He advises him that he has an upper hand when it comes to marketing and asks him to seriously think over it.

In the final scene, Jesse Pinkman is shown riding freely in Alaska and has started a fresh life for himself.

El Camino movie works as an extra hour-long Breaking Bad episode. The movie has some amazing performance by Aaron Paul and seeing Mr. White was a cheery on a cake.