Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia are together and going strong. Many would have thought that Eijaz's love for Pavitra was just for the game but the two have not left each-other ever since Eijaz left Bigg Boss 14.

Eijaz had to come out of the house until he finishes his prior commitments. While his fans might have been unhappy with this, Eijaz and Pavitra are certainly not.

Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia
Eijaz Khan, Pavitra PuniaInstagram

Talking about when he felt there was something between the two, Eijaz said it happened when they were in the red zone. They knew it then and couldn't deny it. "The day one of the relationship was when we were in the red zone. We knew it and can't deny it.

And of course, we are still in the game, right? If you bring up such a personal equation in their hours, people are only gonna think it's a part of the game. I don't expect them to think anything else and they did. But right now where I am, it's not a part of the deal. That was real and this is even more real. This is us discussing it in front of the 166 cameras," he said.

Pavitra and Eijaz

A lot was said and written about Pavitra's previous relationship and marriage when she was inside the BB house. There were also the claims of her being married and cheating on her husband Sumit Maheshwari with Paras Chhabra. The two had spoken up about Pavitra at great length. Reacting to that news, Eijaz Khan said that he has clarified and the two of them have discussed everything that had to be discussed before starting a strong relationship.

Talking about her ex bad-mouthing her, Eijaz said, "They are all small people. Insecure people do it. No, Pavitra and I are not accepting character certificates from people. We know what we have, it was always in our minds."