October 2021 OTT month-end releases will include a range of genres, including comedy, horror, thriller, romance, and remakes. The addition of new content to OTT services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sony Liv, Zee5, and Disney+ Hotstar is certain to evoke applause, laughter, and even a few screams. As Halloween approaches, these films will astonish the audience.

International Business Times presents you with the top five OTT releases this week.



Starring Emraan Hashmi, Dybbuk is a remake of the Malayalam hit movie Ezra.

This paranormal horror film is about a historic box that the female protagonist buys and her partner's paranormal encounters. Dybbuk is a wicked possessing ghost thought to be a deceased person's fragmented soul. It is said to leave the host body once achieving its mission, or after being exorcised.

The film looks to be based around established horror clichés found in a variety of previous films in the genre.

Nikita Dutta and Manav Kaul also feature in the film, which was shot in Mauritius and Mumbai. Manav portrays a priest who is called in to execute the spirit-warding procedure.

Dybbuk is a T-Series and Panorama Studios production directed by Jay Krishnan. It will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 29.

"A well-made horror picture will always bring big audiences to movie halls," Emraan stated earlier. With Ezra, we intend to push even further and give the public an unforgettable experience. Having worked with Kumarji and Abhishek on previous projects, I am excited to be working with Jay Krishnan on this one.

Hum Do Hamare Do

Releasing on 29th October 2021, this comedy, drama family film features Rajkummar Rao, Kriti Sanon, Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak Shah in the lead roles.

This Hindi film, directed by Abhishek Jain, features an intriguing subject. A couple 'adopts' their parents. The video opens with Kriti Sanon telling Rajkummar Rao that she will only marry a person who has a beautiful family - "lovely parents".

Rajkummar Rao, a single-family guy, devises a strategy to adopt parents. Rajkummar Rao contacted Paresh Rawal and his longtime lost love, Ratna Pathak Shah, to play with his parents. With Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak Shah in the character of Rajkummar Rao's parents, a comic of errors ensues. Their love stories alter when Kriti Sanon and her family question them.

The film's music video – Bansuri – was released last week, and it generated a lot of buzz due to people's obsession with Kriti Senon's Rs 89K black lehenga.

The film will be available on Disney+Hotsar.


Jenn (Kate Siegel), a young lady recovering from a series of horrific incidents, seeks the aid of famous hypnotherapy Doctor Meade (Jason O'Mara).

A series of intensive sessions, horrific occurrences, and inexplicable blackouts put Jenn in a perilous mental game. Jen enlists the aid of Detective Wade Rollins (Dulé Hill) to piece together the puzzle before it's too late.

Hypnotic is a new Netflix Original psychological horror film created and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote.

Suzanne Coote, Kate Siegel, Michael Luisi, Dule Hill, and Matt Angel feature in the film, which will premiere on Netflix on October 27.


Aafat-E-Ishq is a dark humorous romantic thriller film with supernatural themes. It is a Hindi version of the Hungarian film Liza, the Fox-Fairy.

This film, directed by Indrajit Nattoji, will premiere on Zee5 on October 29.

A recluse's life changes when she receives her late boss's estate. She longs for love, but the men who come into her life die mysteriously. Lallo, a caregiver, inherits her employer's land, and her life changes. An ancient curse threatens to ruin everyone and everything around her, making her a primary suspect in a sequence of tragic fatalities. The original Hungarian film Liza, the Fox-Fairy was a tremendous international success, and even in India, supernatural stories have gained popularity in recent years.

Neha Sharma, Garima Jain, Gautam Rode, Amit Sial, and Deepak Dobriyal feature in the film's key roles. The film promises to be memorable for its original narrative, eccentric characters, and dark comedy.

Army Of Thieves

Directed by: Matthias Schweighöfer The film Stars  Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan and Jonathan Cohen in lead roles. This heist action comedy film will be released on Netflix on October 29 in English, German and French languages. 

It serves as a prelude to Army of the Dead and is supposed to be the franchise's second instalment. It may lack zombies, but it is packed with action.

The prequel film chronicles Ludwig's introduction to the crime following his recruitment from his mundane day profession as a bank teller. He teams up with a small group of professional burglars to attempt a theft of three of the world's most guarded safes. Additionally, the prequel film appears to examine a bit more of the setting than the original.