As the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) received the government's nod to begin construction of a six-lane highway that will pass through residential sectors in Dwarka, New Delhi, hundreds of people from nearby housing societies gathered on the street in Sector 22/23 to protest against the project on Saturday, July 11.

Residents stage demonstration against construction of flyover in Dwarka

Not at all pleased with the proposed flyover, the enraged locals staged a demonstration near Sadbhavna Apartments in Sector 22 and Paramount School in Sector 23. Holding placards and banners in their hands, they shouted slogans against the NHAI and blocked the traffic as well.

Residents want project to be shelved

The crowd angrily asserted that the authorities did not even concern any of the residents before sanctioning a six-lane highway that would disrupt their daily lives.

They then cited several inconveniences that the flyover would cause to the people of the area as the construction would not only lead to cutting of thousands of trees but will also result in an increase in pollution levels and traffic in the area.

The protest was also joined by the members of organisations such as Dwarka Bachao Abhiyan and Sukh Dukh Ke Sath, among other environmentalists.

Revolting against shredding of trees, Sudha Sinha, President of Federation of CGHS, Dwarka, said, "Our federation is against any such development in which thousands of trees would be cut. Here, a flyover would be constructed. There are more than 200 trees along the road number 226. We can't tolerate their cutting. NHAI needs to rethink the project and get an alternative route for this. Our protest would continue."

National Highways Authority of India
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Further, Diwan Singh, a member of Dwarka Bachao Abhiyan, spoke about how the flyover would cause innumerable obstructions. "We gathered against the government's misadventure to construct a flyover in the middle of sectors 22 and 23. It would not just become a traffic and pollution nightmare but also lead to the cutting of hundreds of trees."

"This flyover has been an afterthought project of NHAI. It is complete disregard and contempt of the lawful rights of local residents. No consultation was ever done with local residents," he added.