Car ride
Representational Picture: Woman divorces man after he charges her $140 for every time he gave her a ride.Creative commons

Just when you thought people couldn't get any crazier, here is one news report that is leaving everyone face-palming. In today's dose of "smh" (shaking my head in internet slang), a Dubai-based woman filed for divorce after her husband asked her to pay for every ride he had given her.

Yes, every single time the man would give the woman a ride, he would charge her. And not some measly little amount. He would charge her a whopping 500 dirhams (when converted to dollars, rupees and pounds, it comes to about $140, Rs 9,000 and £100, respectively).

According to local newspaper Al Bayan, the woman is the sole bread winner of the family and ran the house because the man couldn't hold on to a job for too long. Given that she did not own a car of her own, she would request her husband for a ride post work.

The woman was left shocked when the man demanded the she pay up for the rides. According to Khaleej Times, the man's logic was, "an employed woman should help her unemployed husband." The couple's names were not mentioned in the reports.

She obliged the first time. But then it became a regular feature, with the man demanding 500 dirhams for every ride.

The man's reasoning behind the demand, as told by the woman, is that being a chauffeur to his wife was at the expense of his time with his friends.

Unable to put up with his crazy demand, the woman finally knocked on the doors of the court demanding for a divorce from the unemployed man about a month ago.

The news of divorce over a car ride comes jsut days after it was reported that a couple split over a shawarma wrap. According to an Egyptian news agency, a wife filed for a divorce after her "stingy" husband refused to buy her a shawarma.