Drunk man
Murugesan Ragupathiraja was drunk when he attempted to assault police offices in Singapore.CNA

A 25-year-old man from India was arrested in Singapore for an attempt to assault police officers, causing public nuisance and vandalism under the influence of alcohol at Everton Park on Sunday. He was reportedly out on bail for committing seven charges of criminal offences prior to the incident.

On Monday, Murugesan Ragupathiraja was charged for attempting to assault police officers after he committed mischief by damaging two public wooden benches reportedly valued at $911.40.

In a video which went viral on social media, Murugesan was seen arguing with the officers and charging at them. While one officer drew his baton in response, another officer discharged his taser and immobilised him. 

The official police statement revealed that Murugesan was out on bail for committing seven crimes in the country when he committed the fresh offences. 

CNA reported that the previous charges include robbing a man of $160 in cash and an ATM card after rubbing chilli powder into the victim's eyes, using indecent words as well as spitting and slapping an auxiliary police officer.

Murugesan has been in custody since Tuesday and the next hearing of his case is set to take place on July 9. If the Singaporean court finds him guilty, the likely penalties include a fine and a jail term of up to four years.