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 In South-east Bengaluru, on Thursday night, a 15-year-old killed her own father in a fight with her drunken father. The incident took place in Bannerghatta, where the girl had been tolerating her father's behaviour for the past many years.

46-year-old Saptak Banerjee succumbed to the stab wound and was a software engineer living in Bengaluru for the past decade.

Software engineer killed by his daughter in a fight

The events of last night came to the light of the police in Bannerghatta, Bengaluru following the death of a 46-year-old techie Saptak Banerjee who was living with his two children. The man had been out of a job for a while, with a bad drinking habit and a bad temperament as well.

Banerjee stopped sending his daughter to school after first grade and hadn't enrolled his nine-year-old son in school either, his five passed away nine years ago. Unemployed he rented one of his two houses in the city and lived off that many. With abusive tendencies, he would physically harass his children, the police told Deccan Herald. 

His daughter last night had told him to lower the volume of his playing the piano which angered the father. She had been trying to study while her brother was asleep despite her schooling being discontinued she had a keen interest in learning, borrowing books she had been trying to study for the SSLC exam next year. The angered father brought a knife in an attempt to harm her, the girl grabbed the knife and pointed it at him instead and when he came close to her again she stabbed him with him.

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The police reported that he died following the injury, however not noticing the injury the two fought after which the girl went to her room, her brother who woke up to go to the bathroom noticed the father bleeding. That's when the cops were called. While the police have charged culpable homicide not amounting to murder, the girl has been sent to a juvenile home.