Mohanlal and Arundathi Nag in Drama
Mohanlal and Arundathi Nag in DramaTwitter

'Drama', the Ranjith directorial which features Mohanlal in the lead role, was released in more than 250 theatres in Kerala on November 1. Expectations and pre-release hype surrounding the movie were overwhelming, as it marks the reunion of two brilliant personalities in Malayalam film industry after a small hiatus. Did the movie live up to the expectations? Let us check it out.

'Drama' offers real drama

As the name indicates, 'Drama' is a movie which is loaded with many melodramatic sequences which went over the board at times. The movie revolves around the death of Rosamma (Arunthathi Nag). Rosamma's last wish was to get buried near to her husband in their parish church's cemetery. However, her unexpected death makes things worse, and her six children living in various corners of the globe decides to conduct the cremation ceremony in London.

Rosamma's children give the responsibility to carry out the cremation ceremony

to Dixon Lopez Funeral Services run by Lopez (Dileesh Pothan) and Raju (Mohanlal). In the initial moments, Lopez and Raju think about encashing this opportunity to the fullest, but later, Raju realizes about Rosamma's final wish to get buried near her deceased husband. He now starts his attempts to fulfil the last wish of Rosamma, and this forms the major crux of the movie.

Good social message, bad execution

In 'Drama', director Ranjith has successfully conveyed that in modern families everything is a performance, and there is nothing called intimacy and love between people. However, the way in which he executed this message seems pathetic.

With a weak screenplay and shoddy dialogues, the director literally tested the patience of the audiences, and audiences were looking in their smartphones most of the times to kill the ultimate boredom.

Arunthathi Nag excels, Mohanlal fails to impress

The only saving grace of this movie is Arunthathi Nag's brilliant performance as Rosamma. The actress literally tried to carry the movie on her shoulders, but a weak story which offered nothing new spoiled all her efforts.

Even though Mohanlal tried to tickle the funny bones of the audiences, his mannerisms seem more like a caricature.

Final verdict

If you want to see Mohanlal-Ranjith magic once again, buy the DVD of Ravanaprabhu or Spirit and watch it in the comfort of your home.