Actor Dr Rajasekhar admitted that he met with an accident on his way back from Ramoji Film City, but denied suffering any injury. On the other hand, his wife Jeevitha said it was definitely a major accident, but he is safe due to his fans' wishes and blessings.

After completing the shooting of his next movie in the Ramoji Film City, Dr Rajasekhar met with an accident while returning home. He was the only one in the vehicle at the time of the incident and passerby helped him to reach his family and the police. In a statement released to the media, the actor said that he did not sustain any injuries and is safe.

Rajasekhar said, "On Tuesday night, while I was returning to my place from Ramoji Film City via Outer Ring Road, I met with an accident at the Golkonda Appa Junction. Seeing my vehicle in the state, commuters on the road came to me and brought me out of the vehicle. They had recognized me. I borrowed their phone and immediately informed the police and then called up my family members. I started for my house in their car. My family members picked me up in the middle of the journey."

Dr Rajasekhar's wife Jeevitha
Dr Rajasekhar's wife Jeevitha

This news created a lot of buzz, with different media houses reporting the accident differently. Rajasekhar's wife released a video message to put all the rumours. She said, "Many people are disturbed to see the news about Dr Rajasekhar and they are calling me to enquire about his health condition. There are several versions of the accident in the media. I have come before you to tell what actually happened."

Talking about the accident, Jeevitha said, "Dr Rajasekhar was returning from RFC in his Benz car at around 1.30 am, when the car lost its control due to tyre burst, hit the divider and fell off the road. The people in the car, which was coming from the opposite direction, identified him and came to his help. Since his phone was switched off, he informed me as well as the police about the accident, using their phone."

Actor Dr Rajasekhar
Actor Dr RajasekharTwitter

Jeevitha added, "He told me that he was coming by their car and asked me to come and pick him up. I immediately went and picked him up. In this process, I was constantly in touch with the police, who heard about the incident as well as Rajasekhar's health condition from me. They co-operated with us very well. After reaching home, the doctors visited him and said that he is perfectly fine. There is small scratch on his forehead and body ache. The doctors have given medicine for the same."

Rajasekhar's wife also said that it was actually a major accident, but he is safe due to fans' wishes. "I spoke to the police in the morning too. CI Venkatesh told me to visit the station with Rajasekhar to complete the formalities, when he feels better and comfortable," said Jeevitha adding, "This is definitely a major accident, but Rajasekhar is safe and fine due to his fans' wishes and blessings. I thank you all for your affection and wishes."