A mysterious video submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a US-based non-profit organization that studies alleged UFO sighting is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video, apparently shot from the skies of Puerto Rico, vague lights can be seen behind the clouds, and at the same time, dogs can be heard barking. 

UFO sighting in Puerto Rico

The eyewitness who captured the event claimed that he along with his family witnessed the entire UFO event. He also added that some of his friends from another city too witnessed the sighting. 

UFO Puerto Rico
Alleged UFO that appeared in Puerto RicoUFO Sightings Daily/MUFON

The video was later analyzed by Scott C Waring, a self-styled alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. Waring, in his recent website post, claimed that dogs have the capability to sense unusual things. The self-styled alien hunter also added that these lights are actually alien entities made of pure energy. 

"An eyewitness in Puerto Rico yesterday noticed some strange lights moving around the sky. Then dogs began barking for no reason. Just like in many past UFO reports...animals often sense the alien presence nearby and began to panic. Here we hear the dogs barking crazily. This is a sign...that the sighting is real. Some people will mistakenly call these searchlights, but they are not. They are alien entities that are made of pure energy," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

Are aliens real?

As UFO sightings all across the world are increasing dramatically, several people strongly suggest that alien existence on the earth is real, and governments are also aware of an extraterrestrial presence on earth. A few months back, Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief had also claimed that aliens do exist, and he made it clear that world powers like the United States and Israel are working together with aliens. Eshed also added that there is a galactic federation that controls the activities of both aliens and human beings.