It was around a few days back that an American Airlines pilot claimed to have spotted a cylindrical UFO as the flight was traveling from Cincinnati to Phoenix. American Airlines confirmed the news of the UFO sighting and requested media outlets to contact the Federal Budreau of Investigation (FBI) to know more about the event. And now, another UFO sighting has happened in Mexico, and a video of the alleged event is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. 

UFO sighting during a test flight in Santa Lucia airport

The video of the alleged event went viral after the clip was shared by popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring. In the video, a disc-shaped flying object can be seen hovering in the skies, as the flight is taking off. 

Alleged UFO sightingYouTube: UFO Sightings Daily

"The eyewitness was watching a newscast about the first plane to land at the Santa Lucia airport. He was watching because the Mexican Air Force was flying in the President of Mexico, Andres Obrador. But later in the ceremony, a non-military plane (white) was seen taking off from the runway. As this plane rose higher and higher upon takeoff, a black disk could be seen hovering in place in the background beyond the unfinished control tower. The eyewitness took out his camera and recorded directly off the TV screen," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

The video shared by Waring on YouTube has already gone viral on YouTube, and it has made many people believe that sightings like these could be proof of alien existence on earth. Followers of Waring also argue that UFO sightings are happening on earth with government knowledge, but authorities are covering it up fearing public panic. 

AATIP and UFO existence

Following the notorious Nimitz UFO incident, Pentagon had launched an investigation program named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Even though Pentagon had carried out this space program in a very secretive manner, a viral news report from New York Times compelled the defense department to admit the existence of this mission. In the meantime, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released two UFO videos that showed flying objects screeching across the skies, defying all laws of modern physics. 

Later, Joseph Gradisher, the spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare revealed that these UFO videos are authentic. However, he made it clear that these videos were not supposed to be released in the first place. As news regarding new UFO sightings has once again started ruling the headlines, several people have started claiming that something sinister is going on in the skies without public knowledge. They also added that no human-made flying vessels could perform such maneuvers in the skies, and they believe that these advanced machines might be hinting at the existence of aliens