Salman Khan, who has been convicted in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case, has been granted bail by a Jodhpur court. While Salman has been released on bail,  many celebs are of the opinion that he is innocent and one such celeb is actor and TV host, Simi Garewal also thinks that the actor is innocent. She tweeted that Salman is trying to save someone else for "silly emotional reasons".

Simi took to Twitter and first tweeted that she is sure of Salman's innocence, asserting that the "real culprit" is still unexposed. "Of one thing I am dead sure..@BeingSalmanKhan would NEVER EVER harm any animal. He loves them too much. The real culprit should be exposed. 20 years is too long to bear someone else's cross [sic]," she tweeted.

Salman Khan
Is Salman Khan trying to save Saif Ali Khan?STR/AFP/Getty Images

While this tweet from Simi created a storm on social media, she continued replying to tweets that are in support of Salman. However, she also retweeted tweets that suggested Saif Ali Khan is the person behind the blackbuck killings.  

One person suggested that it's Saif Ali Khan who killed the blackbucks, and asked her views on this, Simi just replied saying, "I am in shock". However, she did not directly say "no" to the tweet.

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Simi later even retweeted someone's tweet who directly called Saif the real culprit. "Real culprit is saif...Simi Mam...n Afsana Mam..i request u plz talk abt salman sir's parents...tht..thy convince him speak abt the real culprit..plzzzzz Iam begging u ..both [sic]," she retweeted this.

Simi further reiterated that Salman's charitable deeds are irrelevant in this case but he did not kill the blackbucks, and he is taking someone's else's blame.

"The charity, the generosity etc of @BeingSalmanKhan is irrelevant here. What is all-important is the fact that he did NOT pull the trigger! He did NOT commit the crime. He is protecting someone for silly emotional reasons. Even at a HUGE cost to himself [sic]," she tweeted.

"Just wondering...does the person @BeingSalmanKhan is 'protecting' have NO conscience?? [sic]," she added.

Simi Garewal tweet
Simi Garewal tweet

Although Simi didn't blame anyone else directly, the fact that she retweeted the tweets that accused Saif to be the real culprit, certainly suggests that she also believes the same.

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali KhanVarinder Chawla

Apart from Salman and Saif, there were three other accused in the blackbuck hunting case – Tabu, Sonali Bendre, and Neelam. While a Jodhpur sessions court had acquitted the rest four, Salman was sentenced to five years in jail. The actor was later released on bail, Saturday, April 8. The next hearing is slated to be held, May 7.