Malaika Arora has once again caught the fancy of netizens who seem hell bent on decoding the reason behind her walk. Malaika's walk has been a hot topic of discussion on various reality shows as well. And when the diva was spotted with Monica O My Darling actress Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor, netizens again trolled her for the walk.

Malaika Arora
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What netizens said

"Does Malaika Arora have piles of something? Why is she walking like that?," asked one user. "What happened to her walk atlast," asked another user. "why does Malaika always walk like that?," a social media user questioned. "How cunningly she always craves for that attention and gets what as exactly as it wants," another netizen opined.

Malaika's take on trolling

Malaika Arora has often said that while she doesn't get affected by the trolling, it was taking a toll on her parents. The Chaiyya Chaiyya girl said that she once had to sit them down and explain to them how they shouldn't be taking any of it seriously.

"My parents would keep saying, 'beta someone said this or that'. And finally, I sat them down and said, 'Enough! Stop reading this garbage. It is complete BS. Please do not focus your energies on this'. At the end of the day, they are parents and they hear something, they get upset. But once I sat them down, that was that. It never ever came up again," the Arora girl once said in an interview.