WWE and professional wrestling legend The Undertaker has been around for a very long time. As a professional wrestler, Mark Calaway started his career in late 1980s. It was in 1990 that he emerged as The Undertaker in WWE. The Deadman debuted at the Survivor Series of that year and hasn't looked back since.

During his career, The Phenom has appeared in various variations of his on-screen persona. But there was a unique patch in his career from 2000 to 2003 where he stopped being a supernatural personality and turned into a rough-riding biker. This was his American Badass or Big Evil incarnation.

The Undertaker
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Undertaker's protege 

In 2003, while portraying his biker persona, The Undertaker, as part of the storyline, took under his wings a young entrant into the WWE world. This new kid on the block was a 6'11" guy called Nathan Jones. The latter spent only a brief time in WWE's on-screen programming but was part of Undertaker's feud with The Big Show and A-Train.

This feud culminated with a match at WrestleMania XIX where Taker and Jones were supposed to face Big Show and A-Train. However, the storyline showed the latter couple attacking Jones backstage before the match and incapacitating him, thereby forcing Undertaker to face his two opponents in a virtual handicap match.

However, Jones did have his WrestleMania moment as he came out at a crucial juncture in the match and knocked down Big Show outside the ring. With Show out of the picture, Undertaker delivered his Tombstone Piledriver to A-Train and won the match.

Nathan Jones as Raka and Tiger Shroff as Flying Jatt in their 2016 movieTwitter

Who is Nathan Jones?

Now, does the name Nathan Jones ring a bell in your mind? What if we tell you that this man has fought Tiger Shroff and got beaten by him? Yes, this is true. The only thing is the fight between Jones and Shroff was in a movie where the Australian was the villain and Shroff the hero.

This movie was A Flying Jatt, which came out in 2016. The film also starred Jacqueline Fernandez and Amrita Singh, as well as KK Menon. Jones plays a mercenary called Raka hired by KK Menon who tries to tear down a sacred tree on the land owned by Shroff's mother in the movie. When Tiger fights Raka, a sudden pulse of energy from the sacred tree throws sends Raka flying far away into a factory of toxins.

Raka gets infected by these toxic materials and turns into a superhuman endowed with superpowers. This leads him to create havoc and he is eventually defeated by Shroff, now also known by his alter ego – Flying Jatt – whose superpower came from a 'Khanda' – a sacred Sikh symbol embedded in the sacred tree.

The climax sees The Flying Jatt taking Raka into space, onto an Asteroid and killing him. The reason for their flight out of Earth is the fact that Raka's power gets recharged by pollution and his wounds get healed. Since there is no pollution in space, Flying Jatt manages to overpower his enemy and save the day.

Jones' wrestling career

The wrestling career of Jones didn't flourish much. After WrestleMania 19, Jones spent only a brief time with WWE before quitting the company late in 2003. He signed up with some other wrestling promotions but never achieved great success and he was forced to quit wrestling by 2008. However, he has the unique distinction of being the only person ever to team up with Undertaker at WrestlMania – a great feat in itself.