Find out what doodles say about your personality and mood.Getty Images/ Mark Langridge

We all love to casually scribble when we get bored or while waiting for someone or something. But did you know that every doodle you scribble reveals your personality and mood?

Consultant Graphologist Tracey Trussell says there is a psychology behind those sketching. According to her, there is more to casual scribbling than meets the eye.

The graphologist has studied some of the most common doodles and shared the meaning behind each one of them in her new research piece for Samsung.

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Find out what your doodles say about your personality and mood

  • Flowers: If you love carefully drawing a flower when you are bored, it indicates your obsessive-compulsive personality. Meanwhile, if the flower features a large circular centre, it expresses your confidence and the happiness of a good social life.
  • Hearts: Love scribbling hearts? Tracey says you are an affectionate and sentimental person, as the sign symbolises romance and love.
  • Circles: Circular shapes are some of the most common doodles. They express the need for love, to be loved and to belong.
  • Triangles: A person who often scribbles this shape may have a powerful, dynamic and ambitious nature.
  • Squares: This doodle could be expressing a conservative, practical and down-to-earth nature of a person.
  • Boxes: Drawing this simple shape could mean you are a materialistic person, but Tracey says it is also a sign of ambition.
  • Webs: If you choose a more complex and unusual doodle to get rid of your boredom, it may indicate your calculative personality. According to Tracey, you could be good at alluring people into a particular situation.
  • Spirals or coils: It is good news for anyone who loves to draw these complicated shapes. These doodles indicate creativity, growth and variety in a person.