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Do you spend hours lying on the bed trying to fall asleep? There's a chance that your sleeplessness is related to your personality. A recent study revealed that introverts are more likely to suffer from disrupted sleep than that of extroverts.

Though sleep habits are said to be heavily influenced by external factors, this recent study showed that a person's personality is also one of the main factors impacting your sleep at night.

A research has been carried out on 1,000 Americans by Best Mattress Brand. The personality traits of the participants were determined by the Myers Briggs Test.

The participants were asked a series of questions which are related to their sleep and dream experiences. It was found that their personality type correlates with their sleep quality and what they dream about.

It showed that extroverts are more likely to sleep throughout the night without waking up. In fact, that study showed that the extroverts are 17.7 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their level of energy when awake than that of the introverts, The Independent reported.

The researchers also found that introverts are more likely to have nightmares and unclear dreams than that of extroverts.

Even the types of dreams also vary on their personality. Introverts are more likely to dream of something that doesn't influence the world while extroverts may dream of more active pursuits, such as travelling.

It was also noted that introverts tend to fall asleep when they want to stay awake more often than that of extroverts.