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It is common human nature to compare our partners to a parental figure we look up to. And more often than not, it's women who are guilty of unintentionally or subconsciously comparing their partners to their fathers.

But while it's not a crime to compare the man you might want to spend your life with to the man you have looked up to all your life, it is also putting a lot of extra pressure on men when sometimes it is just plain unnecessary to make them become someone they are not.

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A recent study revealed that the main reason why you might want to put a stop to this comparison is that 68 percent men in a study said they are not comfortable with the idea of being compared to their women's dad.

The study, called "Not My Type", was conducted by leading Indian online matchmaking brand Bharat Matrimony to understand exactly what type of girls are not okay for men when it comes to deciding on marriage material.

In simpler terms, it attempted to find out exactly what guys are NOT looking for in their future wife.

Covering over 800 responses, the survey asked men 10 questions regarding the "NotMyType" tag, including issues like "if the girl compares you with her dad", "are you okay with someone who never forgets small details" and also, "are you okay with someone who gets emotional often."

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It was gathered from the findings of the survey that 68 percent of the participants feel men will not be okay with women who constantly compare them to their father. Yet, 54 percent of the participants – including 28 percent girls — claimed men are willing to be with women who want to change them in certain ways, though 46 percent disagreed.

About 80 percent of the participants believe men will not be fine with women who are on the phone for long hours, and this response included 58 percent of the girls.

The website had also recently conducted a survey where girls detailed exactly what kind of men are not their type, but funnily enough, here the participants were split in a 50-50 when it came to guys going for women who remember all the minute details.