Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends.Twitter

Bromance is fast gaining traction because of the friendly intimacy men exhibit towards each other. From off-screen bromance of Ranveer Singh-Arjun Kapoor to on-screen bromance of the Dil Chahta Hai trio -- one cannot deny that this kind of bonding is way too adorable to ignore.

And, if you're still not getting over Steve-Dustin bromance from Netflix's popular sci-fi series Stranger Things 2, let's tell you that a recent research shows that bromance is actually better than heterosexual relationships. So, it's kind of okay that he couldn't win over Mad Max, he has Steve with him who would surely help him get a girl in the next season.

The recent research suggests that men prefer sharing a non-sexual relationship – a friendly intimacy with other men over a romantic heterosexual relationship. Researchers from the University of Winchester in the UK found that men find it easier to overcome conflicts and express their emotions in their bromances than in their romances.

Professor Eric Anderson, a Professor of Sport, Masculinities and Sexualities in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Winchester, said: "The rise of the bromance is directly related to the diminishment of homophobia. It signals that young, straight men no longer desire to be trapped by older, conservative notions of masculinity."

The study, Privileging the Bromance: A Critical Appraisal of Romantic and Bromantic Relationships published in the journal Men and Masculinities, explored the nature of bromance by interviewing 30 undergraduate straight men and found that they felt less judged by their male friends than by their girlfriends.

Adam White -- a doctoral researcher at the University of Winchester and a lecturer in Sport and Physical Education at the University of Bedfordshire School of Sport Science and Physical Activity, said: "This is a potentially a really significant shift in young men's behaviour, recognising they now may be able to talk, share and support each other with a whole host of physical and mental health vulnerabilities."

So, if you prefer a Chandler-Joey relationship over Chandler-Monica, you have certainly crossed the lines of homophobia (if you ever had) and it's good that you're breaking the age-old notions of masculinity.