Divya Khosla Kumar, the wife of T-Series chairman and MD Bhushan Kumar, was trolled for denying Sonu Nigam's allegations. Netizens say she is worse actress than Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonu Nigam levelled some serious allegations against her husband Bhushan Kumar in a video shared on social media. A day later, Divya Khosla Kumar shared a video, in which she replied to his allegations levelled by Sonu Nigam against her husband Bhushan Kumar.

Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla
Bhushan Kumar and Divya KhoslaPhotos taken from social media

Divya Khosla Kumar spoke about how T-Series gives a break to so many newcomer artistes while Sonu Nigam never does that. She also accused Sonu Nigam of not standing by T-Series after Gulshan Kumar's demise, when Bhushan Kumar was just 18-years-old. Divya had also alleged that Sonu Nigam had a link with Abu Salem, which is why Bhushan approached him for help.

However, Divya Khosla Kumar had turned off the comments section of her video on Instagram. But Sonu Nigam reposted her video on his Instagram account and invited netizens to comment on it. The singer also wrote, "Presentttttting Divyaaaaa Khoslaaaaa Kumaaaaar I think she forgot to open her comments. Let's help her in that."

Netizens, who were apparently convinced with her clarification, had already started trolling Divya Khosla Kumar through funny memes and the hashtag #DivyaKhoslaKumar trended on Twitter. Some of them extended their support to singer Sonu Nigam after he reposted her video. They asked him to ignore her video.

Sonu Nigam, Bhushan Kumar
Sonu Nigam, Bhushan KumarInstagram

Some of them said that Divya Khosla Kumar outsmarted Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Rakhi Sawant in being the worst actress. A user tweeted, "I thought @sonamakapoor & #sonakshisinha were worst actress ever but this woman #DivyaKhoslaKumar not only takes the cherry but she takes away entire cake."

A few of them expressed anger over how old songs are recreated by T-series. Another Twitterati wrote, "This is what you morons have done to Indian music industry!! No originals, only spreading your body over a chair playing remixes in the background #DivyaKhoslaKumar and #BhushanKumar need to be removed for real talent to get its due!"

Here are some other comments on Divya Khosla Kumar shared on Instagram and Twitter:

Saurabhnigam: 12 mins of sheer arrogace and stupidity all in one package, i wanted to write something nasty for divya khosla kumar but that would be animal abuse and just for the record my cook is saying " didi jhoot bol rahi hain

Talat Aziz: I don't know why someone like Bhushan Kumar is asking his wife to make statements .She even has her dates wrong . It doesn't behove a music company head to have his wife making statements which are wild and completely outlandish . Shows the class

Bharat: Rakhi savant ko fail kr diya isne aaj puri rakhi savant ki ditto lg rhi ye bolne me

Hardy @hardykhiladi

This shameless Lady, Protecting her husband.. Even after knowing that her husband Bhushan kumar is a third class guy Bs Ek cheez sahi boli Aunty ji ne "Sonu Nigam is a legend " Respect for #SonuNigam #DivyaKhoslaKumar

Trina @Trina35818107

After watching #DivyaKhoslaKumar in that video i will say a new rakhi sawant is emerging.

ᴀᴅɪᴛyᴀ @AdityaS_Indian

A tough competition for #AliaBhatt #SonamKapoor & #sonakshisinha in urine level acting. finally we've another gem of bollywood bakchodi. Pls welcome. Everyone pls keep some sympathy for her #DivyaKhoslaKumar #Tseries #BhushanKumar

Sachin Pyara @sachin_pyara

#DivyaKhoslaKumar has insulted himself by making baseless video againstsonu nigam this prove the fakeness of T-Series #SonuNigam.#BhusanKumar #Tseries #YouTube

Sneha Malhotra @SnehaMa07070662

Infact by making that video #DivyaKhoslaKumar has mocked herself only. If she says those allegations are fake against preditors like #BhushanKumar , thn she should file a suit. Rather thn acting so mediocre.They will shit their pants to know when they lose n more ppl cme ahead

Aman khushal @KhushalAman

I support her...sonu sirf publicity ke liye kr rha hai...mkvies me chala nahi...songs ab milte nahi...t series jaisa kabhi ban nahi paya..to ab fokat ka footage khao #DivyaKhoslaKumar