Are you ready to give up your MacBook for a Microsoft Surface device?
Are you ready to give up your MacBook for a Microsoft Surface device?Reuters

Apple and Samsung may be the biggest rivals in the smartphone segment, but when it comes to PCs, Apple has a tough battle going on with Microsoft. Both companies launched their high-end machines in a new face-off, trying to woo consumers with everything they got.

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled two powerful high-end machines, Surface Studio and Surface Book. The latter is a direct competition to Apple's new MacBook Pro, which was launched with the unique Touch Bar on Thursday. Both machines have their own strong points, but Microsoft wants to gain an edge with its "Trade in, Trade up" program.

In other words, Microsoft is paying to those of you who ditch your old Mac, iPad or iPhone in exchange for a new Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or a Windows tablet. The company's buyback scheme is for both businesses and consumers and it covers a wide range of more than 100 MacBook models that can be exchanged.

"If you have a Mac but want to experience the ultimate laptop with on-screen touch, Surface and Microsoft Store are here for you," Microsoft said in a statement, adding that the offer is limited-time only and available for U.S. citizens.

The process to determine the value of your old Apple device is pretty simple.

Step 1: Head over to Microsoft's trade in website.
Step 2: Select the device from the list and describe its condition with Yes/No answers.
Step 3: Select "Get Quote" and voila, you have your rebate value for an Apple device.
Step 4: Microsoft will then send an email with a promo code, which can be used at the time of checkout to fetch a discount on a new Microsoft device. It's a win-win.

Users can think over it or accept the offer by entering the device's serial number. For instance, an iPad Pro 256GB in working condition can fetch up to $455. The Microsoft credit must be spent on a new Microsoft device.

Interested customers must rush as the offer is valid till November 10 or while supplies last. Puerto Ricans can also take advantage of the trade in offer.