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While new revelations are being made in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the investigation in Disha Salian's death hasn't stopped either. Disha Salian had allegedly fallen to her death from the 14th floor of a Malad highrise on June 8. Barely a week after that, Sushant Singh Rajput was also hanging in his apartment. Since there was a phase when Disha was managing Sushant as his talent manager, it has been alleged that both the deaths are connected.

Nitesh Rane's accusations

A lot has been said and written about whether Disha's death actually happened due to suicide or was there some foul play. The silence and absence of her beau, Rohan Rai, has also been widely talked about. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nitesh Rane has also been quite vocal in the mystery. On several occasions, he has raised eyebrows on the death of Sushant and Disha and the inconsistencies in the theories of the two deaths. "Rohan Rai was present when people reached the Malad, Malvani house because after she was pushed from the window, when she fell on the floor, after 25 minutes, Rohan comes down and looks at her. If he was in love with her, he would have rushed down to see if she was alive and there were chances to save her. Any natural human being would have done that," Rane had told Republic Channel.

Disha Salian
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Rashami's message for Disha

And now, the channel has claimed to have found inconsistencies in the statements of Disha Salian's close friend, Rashami Desai. Rashami, a well-known face on the Indian screen, has had a long and steady friendship with Disha for several years now. On Disha's death, Rashami had written, "I still can't believe that it was your birthday a few days back, still can't believe that we attended Zoom Call Party, can believe that you posted your favourite picture and wrote - YOU ARE YOUR OWN CHOICE, putting a #makewisechoices. What made you choose this? Left all your loved ones, especially your parents, your friends and the workplace you always loved. I've always known you as a strong and stable personality. Where-ever you are, you will always be in my prayers Disha'"

Rashami Desai

Rashami talks about Disha and the phone call

Republic channel has quoted Rashami as saying, "I did not attend any party. I know Disha Salian from a very long time but I do not know about this party which happened in Juhu. Talking about the phone call between her and Disha, a day before Disha's death, Rashami said, "We spoke very normally. We did not speak at length, actually, we said that we could not speak over the phone. Eventually, we had made some plans to meet later but then the next day I got the sad news."

"I think Disha was someone who was very well known in the industry, she has managed many big names. You should ask them what kind of person she was. She was a doll, she was very beautiful and a pure soul and I think the family is also not very comfortable talking about it. I have no idea about the 8th June party. I am being honest, and I was not in touch with her for 7-8 months," Rashami was further quoted saying.

Channel's claims

Now, the news channel has claimed that Rashami insisted and said several times that she was not in touch with Disha for the last 7-8 months before that phone call on Jun 7. However, in her tweet for the Disha, Rashami had said that they had spoken on her birthday (May 26). The channel further says that when she was asked about Rohan Rai, she refused to comment.

Reacting to the allegations of 'big gaps' in her statement, Rashami took to Twitter to clarify her stance. She wrote, "Its disheartening to see tht certain section of media are cutting all the limits to showcase fake news. As I personally experience I can totally empathize to all those who have fallen pray to it. Invasion of my privacy in the name of news isn't cool. Stay real but first stay kind."

Social media

Ever since the allegations, social media has come out in support of the actress. "Be strong," "Don't malign her", "you spoke clearly", were some of the messages for the actress who is receiving overwhelming support from the netizens.