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No matter how brave and outspoken Rashami Desai might appear to her fans today, the actress has had her share of perils and trauma in her early life. The Bigg Boss 13 contestant recently disclosed that she once attempted suicide at a young age.

Rashami got candid on the show when acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal paid a visit to the Bigg Boss 13 house to promote Deepika Padukone starrer 'Chhappak' which is based on her life. The 'Udaan' actress shared that once she was taunted being a girl and it is a burden on her family, which pushed her to attempt the tragic step.

Rashmi Desai throws light on her past

"I belong to a poor family, rather belonged to. I was often taunted for being a girl and my mom had to struggle a lot. 'Kaha ladki paida ho gayi, bahut manhoos hai, iski wajah se paise kam hote hai.' (Why did we have a girl? She is jinxed, we are short of money because of her.) Even my education was questioned and I began feeling that it was a crime to be a girl," the 33-year old revealed.

Bigg Boss 13
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To take her own life, Rashami had consumed poison following which called up her aunt and told what she had done.

"That is when I committed a mistake, I ate poison and called up my aunt to tell her. I did not know my worth, I just knew I am a girl and a burden on my family. I was admitted to a hospital and came out fine soon. Ever since, a lot of people tried to break me, irritate me but I never gave up," she added.

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Vishal Aditya Singh reveals he was molested

She wasn't the only one who made public her dark secret but Vishal Aditya Singhtoo opened up an unfortunate chapter from his past. Vishal revealed that he had been molested by three men when he was just nine. While he didn't had the audacity to speak up at first, the actor credited Arti Singh for pushing him to open up.

"Love you, Arti. Reason ho bahut bada bolne ka, jo abhi bolne jaa raha hoon. Molest hua hoon bachpan mein, 2-3 logon se. (You are the reason behind me revealing what I am going to say now. I have been molested as a child, by 2-3 people)," he said.

Vishal Aditya Singh
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When Vishal shared the incident with his father, he received a beating from him. "I have hatred for men, I could never talk about it. When I told Papa, he beat me up. I could not talk about it the second time," he added.

Not once, not twice, but Vishal had to go through this trauma thrice, he disclosed following which he started fearing people.

"I could not trust my father because he beat me up when I named the person who saw it all happen. I could not study. I closed myself, like a room," the actor explained.

As fate might have planned, Vishal apparently developed courage and battered the ones who once harassed him.

"I won't lie. When I was 17-18 years old, I beat two of them. People kept asking me why I was doing so but I only was said they will tell themselves. Of course they did not," he shared.