Creepy instagram, backless blouse, Vinay nair
This Man's Instagram is full of videos of him feeling women in public placesVinay Nair/Instagram

At a time when women across the globe are coming forward to reveal how they were sexually harassed as part of the #MeToo campaign, a person, who shares videos of him touching women inappropriately in crowded areas, has been spotted on social media platforms.

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The Instagram and Facebook accounts of Vinay Nair, who calls himself a fan of backless blouse wearing women, made headlines after Karnataka-based Angad Gummaraju, came across the profile while searching for blouse designs online.

"I was looking for blouse designs a few days ago, and guess what I found. An account of a man filming himself touching women on the streets, and 1,634 people that follow it. A goddamn account of his 'trophies', of every time he's touched a woman's body against her will. Makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how but can this vile scum be tracked down? Anyone? Please share [sic]," she wrote while sharing the screenshot of the account on her Facebook page.

In the creepy videos, the man is filmed groping women in public places without their consent and he surely is proud of his disgusting act. "Da epic photo. Pic taken wen i was touching dis Bengali bitch," reads one of the captions written on the FB post of Vinay Nair.

However, both the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the pervert seem to have been deleted now. "The account is down, either by Instagram because of the large number of reports or because the guy took it down, unsure [sic]," she added.

Creepy instagram, backless blouse, Vinay nair
Vinay Nair's Instagram page has been taken down.Screenshot

Shockingly, the number of followers the profile had (over 1,731) clearly explains netizens' hunger for such content even when millions of women expose the struggles they face in daily life. "I made the mistake of looking at the comments on a couple of this sick f**k's posts. There are people out there who appreciate him! It's disgusting! [sic]," commented a netizen.

Here's the Facebook post of Angad:

Here are some social media responses:

Parth Pardeshi: Reported the account. Creep.. Disgusting person.. I hope the women he touched slapped him well and hard.

Tina Charles: This when millions of women are coming out with their personal stories. Absolutely revolting!

Nirmal:  He is some kind of manic... Totally disgusting... Every one please report faster.. Let's show our strength.. #stopabusingwomen

Raehan Ahmed: This is next level creepy. Now I'm just imagining how many more accountslike these exist

Rishi Gajjala: You know what's more disgusting? Since the time this issue started, followers of the same insta handle is increasing abnormally.

Shumaila Hussain Shahani: Looks like there's a whole gang. They post on their profiles that they're going out to harass and invite people to join them. Can you please not report to facebook and report to authorities for cyber crime and sexual harassment instead?