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Director YVS Chowdary has reportedly sent a legal notice to senior Telugu actor Mohan Babu over a land dispute, weeks after the latter was sentenced to one-year imprisonment in the cheque bounce case.

A two-page-long legal notice, which is claimed to be sent by YVS Chowdary to Mohan Babu, is being circulated on the social media. "My client is the absolute owner and possessor of the open land of 20 guntas comprising in survey no. 194/part out of total extent of Ac.1.00 at Jalpally Village within the following boundaries: North: 25' Road; South: Agricultural land in By No. 194/part East: 25' Road; West: Agricultural land in By No. 194/part," read a statement from the legal notice.

According to this notice, YVS Chowdary had purchased the property from Begurtt Pasha and Sunil Kumar Altuja under Registered Sale Deed dated April 9, 2009. Mohan Babu's family members have also purchased certain another extent of land in the same survey No. from the same owners and constructed house in the property. The actor had assured Chowdary to take care of his land and prevent encroachments.

Mohan Babu had developed the idea of acquiring the property, but certain disputes cropped up between the two due to the dishonour of a cheque issued by the actor. When the director requested to pay the amount, he put pressure on him to sell the land to clear the debt. After he was convicted by the criminal court on April 2, he had erected a wall and closed the entry to his site without obtaining permission.

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A statement in the notice reads, "You have no such right. Our client learnt that you have employed security men and bouncers in and around the scheduled property to prevent our client and his men from entering into his own property. Your acts amount to criminal trespass besides violating the ownership rights of our client and interfering with his possession and enjoyment of the property, which are actionable perse."

YVS Chowdary has asked Mohan Babu to remove the obstruction at the entry and his men into his property. "If you fail to comply with this demand within SEVEN days from the date of receipt of this notice, our client will be constrained to file civil and criminal actions against you making you liable for costs and damages also," concludes the legal notice.