James Bond movies are about many things - from thrilling action to suspense and more. But every installment of the popular 007-movies offer a sneak peek into some unseen things, be it guns, cars or even phones. Every little detail is important and nothing is a coincidence.

Once again, Bond will be seen using one of Nokia's phones on the big screen. Nokia isn't new to the Hollywood spotlight as its phones have been featured in many blockbusters like Man of Steel, Batman the Dark Night and various TV shows. But a presence in Bond's movie has its own significance. After all, "James Bond only uses the best."

Nokia phone in "No Time to Die"

Somehow it feels Nokia and James Bond's new title have more in common. Nokia phones, back in the day, were built to last - be it battery wise or durability. Do you recall the Nokia 3310 before it was brought back from the dead? The classic feature phone had earned a title of a brick phone for a reason.

James Bond 2020 flick
James Bond 2020 flickJames Bond official website

Bond film's title - No Time to Die - is befitting for the Finnish smartphone brand. Nokia has some excellent branding opportunities using the film's title to its advantage (in addition to Bond himself).

Nokia phones in new James Bond flick

A Reddit user posted screenshots from the No Time to Die trailer to explicitly show the phone Bond is using - or at least parts of it. But that's not the only Nokia phone fans will see in the film. At least three Nokia-branded phones are expected to be shown in the film, and one of them includes the company's first 5G phone.

Nokia phone used by James Bond
Nokia phone used by James BondReddit user

Whether Bond will use Nokia's unreleased 5G phone in the film is up for speculation, but the movie trailer showed Bond probably using a Nokia 7.2. HMD Global said the upcoming Bond film will show Nokia 7.2, 3310 and the trailer clearly shows that signature circular camera ring on the back and USB Type-C port.

But there's some uncertainty in this claim as the steel frame isn't available on Nokia 7.2, which only leaves us with one possibility - Bond will be using Nokia's first 5G phone. If that's the case, the Nokia 5G phone will have a circular camera ring on its back, a USB Type-C port and a steel chassis.

Not a mystery for long

Nokia 7.2 review
Nokia 7.2 for representational purposeIBTimes India/Sami Khan

James Bond's No Time to Die is going to hit the theatres in November, but you won't have to wait that long to see Nokia's new phone. HMD Global is going to unveil the new 5G phone on March 8 and an advert has also been shot featuring Lashana Lynch's character, 00 agent Nomi, completing a mission using the new Nokia phone. The advertisement will be revealed on March 19.

This might not be much, but the new Nokia phone and advert coming this month should be a nice way to get past the long delay for the Bond flick this year.