Tesla Motors, the electric car specialist based out of California, is set for the commercial roll out of Model 3. The Elon Musk-owned company has scheduled the delivery of the first batch of 30 units at a handover party on July 28. While the vehicles are built in the US, every Model 3 has an Indian connection.

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Over four lakh bookings have been registered so far for Model 3 and each car will be sold with wiper system parts sourced from an India company. The firm in question is Gurugram-based auto parts maker Sandhar Technologies.

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1st Tesla Model 3 unit for commercial sale Elon Musk via Twitter

Sandhar Technologies is supplying two components of Model 3's wiper system from its Spanish subsidiary Sandhar Technologies Barcelona. And the parts are being shipped from the firm's plant in Mexico. Though the specific parts have not been revealed yet, Autocar Professional reports that it is aluminium pressure die-cast parts used in the wiper system. However, Sandhar Technologies refused to officially ratify the story.

Sandhar Technologies specialises in automotive latches and lock systems and is one of the leading vendors to many OEs in India that include Honda Cars India. The outfit recently expanded its product portfolio with wiper blades, electric fuel pumps, mechanical fuel pumps, starter motor and others. The firm has 33 manufacturing plants in India and across the globe with an employee base exceeding 6,500 people.

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Interestingly, Tesla is also keen on selling Model 3 in India. The booking was open for India as well and it is safe to assume that there is a sizable number of orders from India. Tesla's India entry is expected in 2018.

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