Even after being a legendary actor of Bollywood, Salman Khan has time and again made some miserable comments on different actors, especially on his female co-stars. Salman has been quite outspoken and stubborn throughout his journey in Indian cinema.

One such incident happened on the sets of the most popular controversial show of Bigg Boss season 11, where Vidya Balan was target by Bhaijaan with his nasty comment on her body-weight.

Salman Khan and Vidya Balan
Salman Khan and Vidya BalanTwitter

Actually, the incident took place when Katrina Kaif had appeared on the sets of Bigg Boss 11 to promote their upcoming action-packed film 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. During the show, Salman asked the contestants to perform a drawing task and impress Kat by drawing out a picture of the actress.

Salman Khan's sly dig at Vidya Balan

Salman Khan and Vidya Balan
Salman Khan and Vidya BalanTwitter

As soon as the contestants finished their drawing, Salman sarcastically commented on of the picture they drew, as he said it looked more like Vidya Balan than Katrina Kaif and from his tone, one can tell that  Salman was referring to the Vidya's weight.

It was shocking for everyone as in the same season of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan was seen slamming a contestant Priyank Sharma for body-shaming his co-contestants Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. However, it would have been lovely to see 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' walk the talk.

Vidya Balan
Vidya BalanInstagram

Vidya Balan has been body-shamed time and again

But the actress seems to be quite a sport since she did not react at all to this incident. However many times the 41-years-old actress has slammed those who have body-shamed her or any other actor for that matter.

Vidya Balan said, "Wherever you go, I think people are very body-obsessed today. 'Moti' is not an expletive for me. But I don't like it when people comment on my body. Because if I talk about your brain... Brains don't sell, that's why we don't talk about it."

"We have no right to comment on anyone's appearance. This has happened many times with me. When they see me happy, they are confused. As women, when you are successful, this is a way to drag you down. And I don't give anyone that power," the actress was quoted as saying by Filmibeat.