Actress Manchu Lakshmi married Anand Srinivasan in 2006 and the couple gave birth to Vidya Nirvana Manchi in 2014, through surrogacy. Lakshmi is the first actress in Tollywood who opted surrogacy and the news made headlines back then. 

It has 14 years since Lakshmi got married and recently, she has revealed that she wanted to run away from her own wedding. This was not because she wasn't happy with the groom, but she was nervous about the phase of her life then.

Manchu Lakshmi
Manchu Lakshmi with husband Anand Sirnivasan.Twitter

During the live show with Rana Daggubati, where she spoke about his love story with Miheeka, Lakshmi shared and revealed some instances from her love life and how marriage made her go nervous.

She said, "I have always been a free soul. I was able to make decisions about my marriage. But on that day, when I was about to begin the rituals of the marriage, I was quite nervous. During the puja I literally wanted to run away thinking it's not too late to do it while I was walking to Andy (Anand), I was wondering whether I could run away in the bride attire itself, and started looking at the exit door. I was not sure whether I was taking the right step in my life."

She further added that seeing her close friends experiencing trouble in their respective marriages and some falling apart bothered her. But later, she realised that she is marrying her best friend, whom her father approved in the first meeting itself.